Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Austin - Kenosha Wisconsin - April 11, 2011

Mis queridos,
I just got done reading Autumn's email of getting in to Hungary and I'm so excited. I have little butterflies reading that, thinking back to my first week in Madison, Wisconsin. I am also ecstatic that you are enjoying good success over there. That also reminded me, I've been meaning to tell you, there is an Elder here that I want to hook you up with. He actually recently just become an asistant too and gosh he is hilarious and just a way nice guy. I think he is absolutely someone that you would bring home. I told him about you and I think he's interested if you could go for a younger guy. Anyways, don't let that distract you at all just consider it an option, maybe. haha
So this week I have still be battling this cold which has been going on now for EIGHTEEN days. uuuugh. I think I'm just starting to get better and I have't coughed once today which is a huuge improvement. I was thinking that I maybe contracted the whooping cough or some other obscure disease you'd see on the Oregon Trail computer game. I also had an interesting experience meeting my doctor here in Kenosha. Well she isn't really my gastrointerologist but I'm getting my infusions at here clinic which is an orthopedic clinic (the medicine I take is equally taken by those with Crohn's and Arthritis) and so she decided she should probably meet with me before I start taking infusions at her clinic. Well, she was an absolute nutcase. First of all the nurse wanted me to completely strip down and get in to the backless gown which I decided on my own that I wasn't going to do because I wasn't actually an 80-year old arthritic patient. Then the lady came in (a total hippy, jipsy-voodoo type lady) and she proceeded to tell me how the gastrointerology field hasn't been giving me the medicine correctly and that she wanted to prescribe me some other drug to go with it and then she asked me if I had any joint pain since I was in an orthopedic office anyways. I regrettfully told her about my neck pain and she just went off on me. I continued to do an entire body exam of my joints (keep in mind that she is a rather flirty, touchy type for being a lady in her mid 50's) She told me that she would prefer I was in the gown but she'd do it with all my clothes on. After that entire circus act, which included me walked on my toes and her grabbing my leg by the inner thigh and rotating my leg around while I lied on my back, she prescribed me 8 different medications for TMJ and neck pain, she recommended I take this new and local "finger acupuncture treatment" along with yoga and that I go to the local mall and buy these LAME Skecher shoes that look like their for old, hipless grandmas. She also gave me a free catalog for a bunch of workout DVDs (like Richard Simmons type stuff). The only thing I used were the sleeping pills she gave me as samples. Last night I popped all three in with a bit of nyquil and I still barely fell asleep. So that was interesting.
We taught that Chinese foreign exchange student this week. She invited us over for lunch along with one of the members that she knows. We ate beef curry at her house along with her host grandpa, this 87 year old WWII vet named Billy. He was a character, truly an old man with some charm and wit. He told story after story and we kindly listened and talked back. Then we got to the lesson and we pulled out the Book of Mormon and we saw a different side of Billy I haven't seen. Elder Kelly asked if he had ever seen that book before and he told us he had already read it. We then asked if he liked anything in it and he replied, "Nope. And I don't like that crack head that started that church. I was alive when he started that church and I've always grown up knowing it's a fraud." I asked him when he was born and he said in 1923 sooo I'm not sure at what point in his life he witness Joseph Smith start the church in 1830 but we played along. Ivy, the Chinese exchange student, accepted the gift kindly.
It's been really weird, Elder Kelly has 17 days left and he's been getting boxes ready to send home stuff. I have inherited a couple things from him that he doesn't want to pack like some shoe polish, soccer sox, some colored pencils and a CD of Coldplay songs done by a string quartet (quality gifts, right?). Realizing I have almost a year on my mission I was thinking about how I will recommit to doing better and learning more Spanish and working harder. And then I thought -- why don't I just get started now?? So I'm going to do that. It especially scares me when I hear Elder Kelly speak Spanish sometimes and he makes mistakes (he gets on himself about it when it happens) they aren't huge mistakes by any means but him and I both had the same thought before we came on our mission which was that we thought that every missionary comes home from their mission speaking perfectly fluent in their lanugage, which isn't true. I know I'm doing pretty well too, last Sunday I got quite a few compliments on my Spanish from members, in fact, several people thought I was going home soon too with Elder Kelly but they were surprised to find out that I wasn't even half way done. That boosted my confidence a bit.
One last thing, reading Autumn's email reminded me about playing the piano. But the branch here found out that I played the piano and so now I play piano for the primary every week and also I am teaching one of the young women in the ward to play piano. I felt like my old piano teacher Mrs. Pritchard or whatever. I even write her homework in a notebook (C major scale 5x every day both hands etc.) and then I make her cry when she doesn't practice over the week or have good posture or curl her fingers correctly while playing.
Much love,
Elder Papritz
ps The weather is getting fantastic around here. Just perfect.

Autumn- Budapest Hungary April 11, 2011


This email is coming to you from Budapest Hungary!!! I made it!!!!! I arrived late wednesday and am serving with Sister Roderick in PEST!!! So i am across the River (the danube/duna) from Budda (this is the shopping district, and also one of the biggest, if not THE biggest area in the mission) So i'm in the big city and LOOOOOVING IT!!! I can't believe I can say I live in Europe now!! like real deal... i'm a missionary in HUNGARY!! my foot is fine. Haven't had any problems it finally got over itself. (p.s. this is a weird keyboard so ignore the typos and all of the mixed up z and y's)

So I arrived after my day of travel and I was greeted by president baughman and his wife at the airport and then we were off to the mission home! We picked up my companion who is sooooo cute and sooooo awesome. We are having a blast. We went to this fancy restaurant my first night, it was a hungarian buffet complete with fancy jazz piano and I ate SHARK! ..and a bunch of other amazing hungarianness and fruit soup. mmm soo good. then we went and saw the famous "hero's square" It was something I have seen a million pictures of but was really surreal that I was really standing there IN BUDAPEST!!!

The next day we moved into our apartment and I thought it was weird that we had brandnew beds, new sheets, new rugs...new a lot of stuff.... hmm.. Then that night at gofri este (waffle night with all of the YSA/investigators) my old mtc companions Sister Orme blurted out " BAHH YOU KNOW YOUR APARTMENT WAS INFECTED WITH BEDBUGS!?!?!?.... bahaha... the secret was out. Sister Roderick was planning on never telling me..but I found out the first day. and actually...I'm so grateful because of all of the blessings I received for being delayed so long in the MTC this one TOPS THE LIST!!!!! This was the VERY reason my foot acted up.. to save me from bedbugs!! oh man.... but good thing is, we have all new stuff and our new beds are wonderful and the apartment got exterminated. Actually we dont even live in a ghetto apartment, or area. It's a really cute european apartment with fancy moldings, nice furniture, clean area, high ceilings..and it's BIG!! bigger than any apartment I have lived in. So i really like it, and its in the middle of the city and we take the Metro EVERYWHERE...which i loooove.

we didnt waste anytime getting to work. We had our first appointment that night on the Law of Chastity (being morally pure, abstaining from sex before marriage...etc) So yeah, that was a doosy, hadn't really brushed up on any of my "the talk" vocab in the mtc. But my companion is great and filled in for my lack of understanding.

Our investigators are amazing. we have on investigator that I LOVE! Her name is Barbye and she is 19. She is ON FIRE! She just basically teaches all of the lessons to us. Like on the law of chastity she said "well yeah, i'm getting married in the temple so I wouldnt do anything stupid like that"...so also basically taught relief society on sunday. she is awesome. she also LOVES teaching me Hungarian. She is just a BALL OF FIRE.... she reminds me a lot of Karen Kleinman (those from oregon will know her)....she looks just like her and is like the spunky, crazy, powerhouse version of Karen Kleinman. She's on bap date and im so excited for her.

Also we have a young cute skinny stylish single mom who we are teaching Named Helga...and she ROCKS the euro mullet. Like not Alabama mullet, we're talking like STYLED and poofy mullet. Its awesome. She is on fire too and is on Bap date. She just has this amazing innocence about her. Everything we teach her she just loves and accepts whole heartedly. she cant wait to start doing family history work.

So Church this sunday was interesting. I automatically became the ward pianist. My mom started all of her kids in piano lessons when we were little so that we could all play on our missions someday...and here we are, all playing the piano across the world. Mom your dream came true! It was hilarious though, so Im playing piano for the hymns and the hungarians let their kids run CRAZY around church. So i'm playing piano and the kids kept coming up on the stand, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HYMNS mind you, and starts trying to bang on the lower half of the piano. So everyone is singing along, im trying to play and swat little kids away at the same time. So then I think they thought it was a game so another kid came up and started trying to play, so Im trying to play the hymn while trying to swat these kids away, i kept grabbing their hands JUST as they went for the keys...and I never missed a note. hahah.. it was the most stressfull piano playing ive ever done! It was like being in a war zone and dodging bullets! except i was just dodging all of these Crazy hungrarian kids.

On saturday we had a baptism. This woman named Erszi that sister roderick has taught for a long time. She finally got baptized and it was so great to have a baptism on my second day, it really inspired me and helped me know that the work is VERY successful here in PEST. and we will have 2 more baptisms by the end of the month and we're bap challenging three more people this week. so it's awesome.

So the language has terrified me, because I can understand when people are talking to each other but as soon as someone started talking to me my brain is like "AHHHHHHHH SOMEONE IS SPEAKING TO YOU?!?! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY?!? YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEYRE SAYING DO YOU!?!?" ... by the time my brain thinks all of that the person realizes I dont speak Hungarian and has walked away haha... but on sunday it was testimony meeting (where people from the congregation gets up and shares their feelings about the gospel.. unscripted)...so I decided, hey why not... might as well go up. I figured if the people in the ward need to get to know me, i might as well start now. So i marched up there, with my greenie fire blazing like the emerald city...and bore my testimony!!!... and I just spoke from my little heart and I saw a bunch of people beaming at me from the congregation including two of our investigators and they all just had this look of " oh look at the cute american trying to speak Hungarian!!!" a few people even clapped when I was finished as if I had just performed a miracle. haha... I spoke a lot longer than I thought I would and was surprised to be complimented on how well I spoke even though I had only been there for 3 days....oh theyre so nice.

I really love the people so much already. theyre so quircky and weird but so endearing!! It was so funny I was sitting at a table and my friend Barbye (my 19 investigator/ ball of fire) was running up to talk to me and someone ran towards her and just put out her arm and said "stop...dont talk to her, she doesn't speak Hungarian!!!".. haha. well, be a little blunt about it why dont ya! ... haha...and barbye is so awesome she just gave her this look of like buzz off..and said "I know that...that's why IM TEACHING HER!!". It was so funny, she was so insulted for me. haha... but Im learning quick
enough.im just so grateful to be here.

Other funny story, my companion since she is like the most popular person in the ward, gets gifted alot of stuff...and there is this one Sister who loves to give her stuff. and so after the baptism Margit slides sister Roderick this gift with a wink...and this morning she pulls it out to show me and its a 2 pairs of sexy lacy white panties....hahaha.....uh yeah.... the sister missionaries got gifted sexy lacy panties.....awkward! im not sure if she gave them to us so we could match...haha... but definitely she doesnt understand the concept of garmnets.

Well I love all of you. sorry this is the longest letter ever! But there's a lot happening in my life now that I'm in the heavenly land of Hungary! I love the work I am doing here. Its so wonderful to teach people and bring them so much happiness in there life. the gospel of Jesus Christ is true..and so amazing. Read the book of Mormon! I love you all!!!

Isten szeret minket és szeretlek!!!

Papritz Nővér

picture is me in Hero's square. I dont have a lot of other pictures, I will send more next week!

Amy - Tianmu, Taiwan April 11, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
I hope that ya'll had a fantastic week. Wasn't conference wonderful?! I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear the words of the prophet. I think that we in the church dont' realize how truly blessed we are to have a living prophet today. I loved the beginning part of President Uchtdorf's talk when he said, "The heavens are indeed open! God speaks to us through his living prophet today!." I know that what he said is true. The heavens are open!!! What a blessing! I went into conference with questions and I recieved answers to all of them. It reminded me again that our Heavenly Father loves each of us individually and knows each of our needs. I loved the talk by Elder Bednar about revelation. I realized that revelation has come more often to me in the form of a sunrise rather than a light switch. It really helped me remember that I do indeed receive revelation but not in a big way. It also I know will help our investigators who often feel like when they pray they need to have a big experience. This talk will really help them understand more about revelation and how they can personally recieve it.
I also loved Elder M Russell Ballard about the gold flakes. It is too easy in this world today to get caught up in the big things. We seek for riches, cars, fame, and other things while we neglect the small simple things. We neglect our family relationships, our friends and sadly too often our relationship with God. I know that our relationship with our loving Heavenly Father is real and so precious. By doing the small and simple things in life, prayer, studying the scriptures, attending church, that we can develop our realtionship with Him. As we grow to love and trust Him more, He will POUR out His blessings upon us. I have found that in my life. When my prayers become casual and my scripture study lax the Spirit is not as strong in my life which is VITAL for missionary work. But my life has been filled with so many experiences where the sweet promptings of the Spirit have strengthened my testimony through these small and simple things (gold flakes). I pray that each of you will, if you are not doing it now, start doing these small and simple things. I testify that you will see a difference in your lives. The Spirit will be more abundantly upon you. Please dont' delay in doing these things now. You don't have time. Satan is ever more reaking havoic on this world. He knows our divine potential and is doing everything in his power to destory it. Please, dont' give him that satisfaction of you delaying. Start now. It is NEVER too late to repent and to change. Jesus Christ is waiting with out strectched arms to help you and to over you with his Atonement.
We had one of our investigators Lisa Yan come to all four sessions. She loved it. We actually had to give her over to the Shilin sisters since she lives there. She said that she felt peaceful and loved the music. I am so excited to soon recieve the Ensign and to be able to study the talks given in conference more fully. Antoher one of our investigators named Chen jiemei said that she liked it to. She felt peace and comfortable. Sister Tanner and Pederson found this Chen jiemei this week through tracking while on exchanges. Sister Tanner and I gave her the nickname Fungus because the first time she met with them she gave them a black fungus drink. I had it when I went over there and it was weird. It was lumpy and dark brown. It didnt' really have a flavor. She says that it helps your skin be white. I don't think I need help in that department. She is a really sweet lady.
I am so grateful to have a living prophet today. I know that President Monson is the Lord's prophet today and that his words are the words of the Lord. I am so grateful for the knowledge that i have of this Gospel and that I have the opportunity to share it with the people here in Tianmu. I know that by following the words of our leaders, our prophet and other General Authorities or the mission president, that we will be blessed. I hope that you all will take the time and really study the words that we heard in Conference and apply them to your lives. I pray for each of you. I love you all.
Gen hen duo de ai (With lots of love)
Yang jiemei
P.S The BYU- Idaho choir in the Saturday Session was AWESOME!! I was so proud to hear them sing. I even saw a few friends in the choir. Ones that you wont' know and I think I saw Justin Lanaro in the choir. Anyways, It was great! The Spirit was so strong as they sang.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Austin Kenosha, April 4th 2011

Dear Family,
I hope the families doing well. I've thought about you all a whole lot this week with Mom and Dad being in the middle east, Alden getting closer to leaving and teaching this Chinese exchange student here in Kenosha. It was pretty weird, this one family in the branch here invited us to come to a Family Home Evening with them. The two daughters (15 and 16 years old) invited a friend from school. Turns out she is a foreign exchange student from China. We had a nice lesson prepared but just before it came to our turn to teach I thought of the situation and realized how close it the experiences of my family. I talked to her, Ivy, (I told her that I spoke Chinese in Chinese because I remembered the phrase from when Sebrina taught us) She was so excited but then she soon found out I didn't really know Chinese when she asked me, in Chinese, how I learned it and I didn't know how to respond so I just proceeded to count from 1 to 10 in Chinese from what I remember Sebrina teaching us. But anyways, she was such a good listener in the lesson sticking in there and asking questions to clarify things, it reminded me a lot of Sebrina. I promised her that she could find out that God really does exist and that she would be happier in her life from that knowledge. The daughters told us later that at school the next day they were talking to her and she asked them why they had never told her before that they had their own church they went to haha. I was way impressed by those girls though, their whole family is so cool. They just joined the church three years ago and were sealed last year and they have no fear to share the gospel. It's nuts. I'm excited to see where this goes and I definitely feel a greater purpose for being here in Kenosha at this time.
Oh my gosh, this week we had cleaning checks for our apartment. I've only been here for 2 weeks and, as I have said before, this apartment has had a bad reputation for the last year. There have been pretty disobedient missionaries that have just trashed the apartment over time from not taking care of it. It has been a process trying to clean it but we're going it done slowly. I especially thought it was frustrating because I had just left Milwaukee and over my time there I had used a significant amount of my food money to buy cleaning supplies. Elder Partis (my boy) and I absolutely remade that place, cleaning every corner and even buying a way nice shower curtain. I felt like Christopher Lowell. The problem is that missionaries always have the thought, "Oh, I'm not going to be in this area for very long." So they just endure it without cleaning and figure someone else will do it. And then a missionary like me comes around where I know I'll be in an area for many months at a time. I'm not looking forward to putting down a lot more money to clean the place but I think we'll have to after our crazy cleaning check. Our mission got a new senior couple a few weeks ago. President told them to start doing cleaning checks, which have never been done before since I've arrived to the mission. The couple didn't know the history of the apartment and, I guess, didn't understand that half of us had only been there for a couple weeks. They absolutely laid in to us, well the sister did at least. She thrashed us for one thing after another, telling us that we needed to have more pride in our living space. It felt terrible, I felt like I was back at home with my Mom scolding me for not doing the dishes or something. It went on for 40 minutes, it was absolutely miserable. Then we got a call two hours later with her apologizing and saying that she was probably too hard on us (we presume that she turned the report in to the President in that time and he explained to them the situation and so she felt bad for not believing us.) And to top it off, they said the brought cookies to give us if our apartment was clean. That night I was at another missionaries apartment that was checked the day before and they had some left over cookies and they were delicious! :(((((
So that was interesting.
Also, Elder Kelly and I had to drive up to Milwaukee two times this week to get the bumper fixed from when a former missionary crashed it, which is a 40 minute drive each way. So we wasted lots of time doing that. But it was nice to visit some of the old members in Milwaukee and for Elder Kelly it will be the last time he sees them.
Conference was sooo tight. All of my wildest dreams came true. I officially request the conference on DVD in Spanish and English when it comes out. I absolutely loved Elder Bednar on receiving light and Elder Robbins' talk on the contrast of 'be' and 'do' -- absolutely marvelous. Elder Robbins visited our mission and he is an incredible speaker. We'll all betting on him being the next apostle around here.
I love you all. I've been sick with the cold for 12 days now. I don't know what's happening to my immune system, I even started doing Zicam the second I realized I was going to get sick. It hasn't been that severe (probably because of the Zicam) but it sure is taking a long time to get over. Can't wait to see pictures of the Middle East. I should send home my ipod and just have you upload them all on there so I can look at them on my own leisure. With Elder Kelly going home soon it makes me look forward to the day I'll get to see you all again. As he says all the time, "It's WEIRD!" haha
Much Love,
Elder Papritz

Amy Tianmu April 3rd, 2011

Qinai de Jiating,
Welp a great week has gone by here in lovely Tianmu. I am finally drying out. Everyday here has been warm sunny and gorgeous!! Since Sister Tanner and I are pretty much white washing this area we spent a lot of time this week just contacting people and exploring our area. Tianmu is really ritzy. There are a lot of big malls and really nice houses here. There are also a lot of waiguo ren (foreigners) We had a lot of fun meeting so many new people. We also saw a lot of miracles this week. We met this one girl named Ting. She lived in London for a while going to school so her English is great. She told us that she wanted to learn more about Jesus Chirst. We taught her a little about him and set up a time to meet with her again.
The ward her is so awesome!! Our ward mission leader is so passionate about missionary work that he really pushes us to be better. We also have a lot of great ward members. Kumiko is from Japan and joined the church a few months ago. She has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. She is also in LOVE with Mickey Mouse and Disney so we get along great. She told me that her whole family has season passes to Disneyland in Tokoyo and they go a lot. She is so awesome! When I told her about Alden's love for Disney she was so excited. She said her brother designed a float for one of the parades there. She is so awesome! She is always so willing to help peike for us. The other ward members are really nice too and I am so excited to get to know them better.
Another miracle that I saw this week is that I heard from Sister Howell that the bishop gave permission for Ruili and Yizhen to get baptized. They are the 11 and 10 year old that we have been teaching and they come to church every week. They are so excited to learn about the Gospel but the ward is worried if they get baptized that they will disappear. So we have been waiting for him to say it is ok. While we have been waiting for approval they have been waking up every week and taking the city but themelves to church. I am so excited that they can finally get baptized!!!!!!
Well I hope that you all have a great week. Sorry this letter isn't very long. I love you all!! I'm glad mom and dad that you will be home safe soon.
All my love,
Yang Jiemei

Austin Kenosha WI, March 21st, 2011

Dear family and friends,
I got in to Kenosha on Wednesday after my infusion. Everything has gone well, the sun is shining so much more now and I love Kenosha. It is definitely a bit weird to look around not be just surrounded by buildings, houses and stores. Kenosha is a lot more suburbian and the culture here is so much different. The Hispanics here are way more well mannered and proper. I love this little branch though, because it is rather new and all the members are a nice fire and pride for the work. All the members work very hard, it seems, to try to maintain the branch, be friendly and fulfill callings. It's also pretty divers too, the branch president's family is Argentinan and there is a couple Brazilians in the branch as well which is way cool. At church on Sunday, the 2nd counselor of the Bishopric asked me to come up, intruduce myself and bear my testimony. Afterwards many of the branch members complimented me on my Spanish and accent. Elder Kelly and I thought about that and realized that him and I are in the best Spanish speaking companionship in the mission. Every else has a greenie or just a poor speaker. Him and I definitely feel a pretty big responsibility to do well and hold up the Spanish work here in Wisconsin. And we have an even bigger responsibility because Kenosha has been known to have missionaries that goof off and make a bad name to the members. President has told us that we are there to help rebuild the work here. It's an interesting area, the English elders here live in the same apartment as us. So it's hard to not get caught in a conversation and just lose track of time. We also have to share a car and that presents it's own problems. But President put the district leader in the Kenosha English companionship so he lives with us. I think he's really trying hard to turn this area around. Also, one of the first things I noticed when I walked in to the apartment is a pretty decent collection of weights and a bench. Elder Kelly and I find out that Elder Parker (the district leader) is in to weight lifting quite a bit and he has a really good workout book. So the joke around the apartment is that we're going to get huge. Especially since Elder Kelly is going home after this transfer, so we're going to get him ripped before he goes home to his girlfriend. But it's kind of nice actually, I really enjoy lifting, which I've never done before, and I'm on a pretty sweet diet. I feel better than ever and I'm eating better than ever. Except the day after we did leg workouts and then we got soo sore, and I mean SOO sore. We walked around church the next day like decapitated chickens because our legs were so ripped. We're going to get huge.
Love you all. Hope all is well and that the people in Japan are recovering promptly.
-Elder Papritz

Amy March 20th, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
Another week has gone by in the beautiful city of Jilong. I can't believe that I am already at the end of another transfer. Sister Howell and I were talking about it and it makes us a little sick to see how fast time is moving. This week was great. The weather is finally warming up. We have about 3 or 4 days of beautiful sunny warm weather and then the rest are cold and rainy. Slowly Jilong is warming up. I love it!! The flowers are all in bloom. Taiwan really is living up to its nickname Formosa (given by the Portugese sailors who first landed on Taiwan). Taiwan is so beautiful!! The hillsides are covered in green trees and flowers of all varieties are in bloom. I love being in Taiwan!!!! I can't wait for Alden to get here and experience the beauty of Taiwan. Not only the landscape but the people.
We saw quite a few miracles this week. The biggest is that we met with Joy, Green's wife. She set a baptismal date for May 7. Yahoo!!!! The lesson we had with her was wonderful. Green helped us with the lesson a lot. She told us how when she went to his baptism and heard his testimony she started to cry. She said she felt something but didn't know how to describe it and what it was. Green, who is already a great missionary, immediately explained that that was the Spirit testifying to her that this Gospel is true. She agreed to start having family prayer and personal prayer. I know that soon she will get baptized. She is so amazing!!! Keep her in your prayers.
Sister Howell and I this week have been really trying to be exactly obedient. This week in personal study I have studied about Nephi and Lehi in Helaman 5. They were amazing missionaries!! They baptized 8,000 Lamanites!!! The scriptures said that "they taught with great power and authority" As I read that I thought of how I can teach with such power. As I studied further I realized that exact obedience is key! By being obedient they were able to have the Spirit with them. Without the Spirit we cannot teach. It is critical! The Holy Ghost is the only way that they can be truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nephi and Lehi also had complete trust in God that He would give them the words they needed to say. I realized that I need to work a lot on not being afraid of what to say and just talking to people. I know that Heavenly Father has called me to the Taiwan Taipei mission for a reason and I need to share the Gospel with is children here in Jilong. I wish I could write about everything I learned but it would take forever. I love the scriptures! I am so grateful that i can study them everyday and can apply them to my life and to my investigators. The scriptures are the word of God and will help us know what we need to do in our lives.
Well I hope that you all have a fantastic week. I hope that you are safe as you tour the middle east. Take lots of pictures!!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures when you get back. Wo ai nimen!!!
Much love,
Yang Jiemei