Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Autumn MTC March 9, 2011

Well it's week 11, wow I've been here FOR-EV-ER!!! ..and guess what...I'M GOING TO BE PARTYING HERE A LITTLE BIT LONGER!!! That's right, my cute little deformed mutated-nerveless-foot just bought me another 1-2 weeks in the MTC!!!!..they officially requested 2 weeks extra, but said "if needs be it can be shortened".... uh yeah "IT NEEDS BE!"... i'm only giving this thing 1 extra week to heal, and then I'm dragging it to Hungary and it will heal along the cobblestoned - vine covered houses of the hungarian country side! So my new tentative departure date is March 21.
I went to the doctor on monday and he said it is still supper swollen, my hematoma friend is still there, but getting better. My scar is knarly and it looks like frankenstine. It is feeling better each day, but it is deifnitely not strong enough, nor small enough to be 100% ready to go. It is so swollen it only fits into One pair of shoes, I can't even get my tennis shoes on! so I'm on some steroids to get my foot shrunken and then I can wear my entire wardrobe of shoes and then GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE!!!!!!! I have to be a walking machine between here and Go-time because I need to build up to 6 miles a day, so me and my kicsi labfaj (little foot) have pep talks everymorning "listen foot, you feeling good today? ok..well great, you have exactly 1 week to get over yourself!!"....yeah, me and my companions all talk to my foot in hungarian, so that nobody actually knows we're talking to a foot. Hungarian is the BEST secret language ever. Only like 0.1% of the world speak it.
So this week was my "Hungarian only week" and it started off rough. I just kept thinking, uh...i don't know what I'm saying or what anyone else is saying and I may have only been cycling through the only 10 words that I knew for the first 3 days "bathroom, please, corn, weird, foot, pain, i want to sleep, the gospel, come to church and will you please pray." Well today was the last day and I have been speaking english again for 1 whole hour and IT FEELS WEIRD!!!....i actually got really used to only speaking hungarian to the point where all of the sudden my first inclination is to respond in hungarian. I obviously branched out from my little circle of words and had intelligible conversation!!! It was a blessing to have such a boost in language before going to the country. I'm warning everyone right now, I will be one of those sisters that comes back and doesn't know english. I only spoke hungarian for one week and it already felt weird. I apologize 16 months in advance, but after my brain working this hard I totally deserve to have it deeply engrained in my brain.
There haven't been too many other exciting events this week, my whole district is preparing to leave on monday and I get to keep my clothes in my closet while they pack up for Hungary. But i'm so grateful for the timing of it all. I know that i'm supposed to be here another week, I know I will be blessed for being patient with the healing process. I know the Lord is looking out for me and my little foot and I will get some awesome extra language practice before I step of the plane into beautiful Hungary.
Oh yeah and I also had another nurse training this week and got a really cool NURSE KIT! it is like a full size field kit, with blood pressure cuff bandages, tons of medicine, high intensity bug spray! everything! So i'm SUPER SET!!! JUST GET ME ON THE PLANE!!!
anyways... enough of wanting to get on the plane. life is perfect, it is exactly what it's supposed to be.
I love you all!!!!
-Sister Papritz


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