Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Autumn MTC March 30, 2011

Oh hello again.....
Some of you may have had your hopes up and thought my email was coming from some exotic place in Hungary this week. Well SURPRISE!!!! It's coming from PROVO UTAH! Yes that is right. I'm STILL in the MTC. You see, my kicsi little foot... just LOVES to cause me trouble. So even though this week we hit the infection hard with Augmentin and other fluries of remedies.. the infection went NO WHERE!! incision is still huge and red and nasty. So I have been assigned 2 MORE WEEKS!!!! yes.... i will officially have been in the MTC forever!!! I will have been here for 16 weeks by the time I brother was only here for 8 weeks... I have DOUBLED the time he was here. But luckily, this place is growing on me and I am still loving my experience here. It is great to get more language practice (even though I know that immersion in Hungary with REAL hungarians may be a tad bit better) I am working hard on Hungarian lesson plans and grammar...and the review is just awesome. So i really feel like my time is being used well here.
But I will say this... I am sooooo good at people watching. I've always loved it, but now I feel like I'm one of those old people who have lived in the same city their ENTIRE life, where everyday of their retired life is the same and they sit on the porch and watch people all day. Well, everyday here is the same...and I have been here a VERY longtime. so to entertain myself, I just watch people. I just create my own soap opera. For instance once sister was walking with one crutch after knee surgery the other day and taking the stairs...and today she was walking with TWO CRUTCHES?! and limping!....oh man... that extra crutch, I was TOTALLY not expecting that today. It was like the twist at the end of a good episode of lost. Also there is a sister here that is going to Taiwain and she wears the CRAZIEST I often hang back in breakfast just to see what she wears today. It makes my day when it's the CRAZY skirt with the ruffles and the sailor shirt with a huge bow in her hair. crazy i tell you. I have also been enjoying the company of my little bird friend named Charles... he is a little bird that lives in the building across from my classroom. He lives in this tiny hole in the wall, and somedays he's not there.... but when Charles shows up..It just makes my day. Also I have made friends with two japanese sisters, we don't even speak the same language but I love talking to them...and smiling and giving them peace signs. I have also been living vicariously through one of the return missionaries from Hungary that got back just 5 weeks ago..and is ALREADY that brought a lot of excitement into my little soap opera of life when I found out she was engaged. wasn't expecting that one either!
So, maybe this all sounds to you like I'm staring out a window with a straight jacket on talking to the birds...being here this long COULD make a person crazy. But I really am learning so much and finding so much joy in my studies and just being a missionary. I know I'm here for a reason and have felt my purpose expanding as the Lord has placed me in people's path that have needed me that day. I have had many instances of service here that let me know that I have been kept here for a reason. So it has been a hard experience not goign to hungary. But I know it's worth it and I'll get there eventually and KISS THE GROUND out of pure joy to finally get there! I'm hanging in there ya'll.
So if you write me a letter make sure that you put my mailbox number as #160 and departure date as 04/11. The mail will get to me if it's the other way, they just have to sort through it and it takes an extra day.
I love you all! Your faithful missionary.
-Papritz Nover

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