Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Autumn MTC March 16, 2011

Well family and friends,
This week has been a weird week. My entire district left for Hungary on monday without me! It was bitter sweet. I'm sad they're gone and I'm not in the countrysides of Hungary right now, but I also know this week will be super important for my foot to heal and also get extra language practice in. So i'm thinking the week is going to be super productive!
But my heart was crushed when I found out about the Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear disaster in Sendai, Japan. For those that don't know, that mission is where my best friend served and I have heard countless stories or the wonderful people of japan, skyped with her friends there, I know all about the companions that she served with that are still I felt like I served in Sendai...and so I was just devestated to hear about it all. I just kept thinking about all of the people she knew, her entire mission! .... it's just crazy. Then i realized that oh man....tsunamis travel across the ocean! and my Little sister is serving her mission on the Northern Coast of Taiwan... right next to the Ocean! So i was worried not knowing whether or not a Tsunami hit the coast of Taiwan. It's just so hard being in a place so cut off from the world, not having news at my finger tips...I had to wait all the way until monday to get official word on what happened to find out my sister was ok..and hear from Katelyn about all of the missionaries in Japan. So my heart just hurt all weekend for Japan for Katelyn, and not knowing about Amy all weekend. My mind is still blown as the the utter desaster and kind of just feel so helpless in this place, I wish I could be there to help. But even though I don't understand why these things happen, why good people die and why cities are destroyed I know I'm here for a purpose. I know I'm here to teach and serve the people and missionaries in Hungary..and that the Lord is mindful of all of his children. everysingle one. I know that his Children in Japan are calling out for Him right now, and he's is not leaving them alone. Although such a disaster as this seems hard to think why it even had to happen, and I don't know why it happened, but I know that it will all be ok. That those people are being comforted through this devistation. It may continue to get worse before it gets better, but I am grateful for the perspective I have that my Family can be together matter what happens. I know that there is life beyond this life, so in the end... it is all ok. We are being watched over more than we realize.
But in mission life, you've got to pick up and keep working. I can't dwell on this stuff too long, or I would just sit there and think about Japan all day and wish I could watch the news, and wish I could go there. "But life keeps on lifeing" as katelyn told me a couple weeks ago. and So this week I started physical therapy! It is a hoot. I go to this physical therapy place where I am surrouned by old ladies with hip problems, and then Me... They have me move a towel around with my toes, then they have me srunch my toes and my foot... then my favorite part: I get to pick up a bunch of marbles with my toes and put them in a bucket! now that is a fun time, if i've ever had one. I race my self and see how many times I can put the marbles back in, I'm up to 30 marbles, 3 times in 5 minutes! .... oh yeah... I'm basically at the top of my class with marble picking up.. I saw some old man struggling next to me, he probably only had 10 marbles in after 5 minutes! i totally smoked him! The doctors gave me the go-ahead that when I feel strong enough I can go to Hungary. I'm going to work extra hard to my walking and then I think by next wednesday I'll be READY TO GO!!!! Finally!!!! I could be here as long as March 28th...but I'm hoping to skip out of here sooner than that. This week has been good, my teachers are super helful and have still come in to teach me for an hour here and there even though all the rest of my district is gone. They really are so awesome. I have the best teachers.
So I feel Like although the week started off rough, it's going to end strong! I'm going to get my foot going and get on that one way flight to BUDAPEST!!!
i love you all!!! the Lord loves us... I'm so grateful for my family and most importantly to be on my mission right now. I know I'm here for a reason, and I'm loving the journey.
Sister Papritz


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