Friday, March 4, 2011

Autumn MTC March 1 , 2011

Csodalatos nap ma baratak es csaladot! Szeretem elet! (wonderful day today friends and family, I love life!)
Well, this week was my first full week in the MTC as the gimp. I said all week while limping around "bocsi nani vagyok!" (sorry, I'm a grandma) and "Turtle vagyok, bocsi en nagyon lassu" (I'm a turtle, sorry I'm very slow). haha... this week everything was feeling pretty good. I wasn't like running or anything, but I was definitely getting around...and then all the sudden on monday BOOM. nagyon fajdalom! (lots of pain!) ... it hurt worse than BEFORE surgery! so i was kind of out of commision the rest of monday, and went to the doctor on tuesday and there is a HUGE hematoma on the bottom of my foot, a bruise the size of a plum that is draining and nasty...and well... it definitely wasn't the "progress" I was hoping for. The doctor doesn't know how it got there, but it stinkin hurts. So it looks like my little foot bought me an extra week in the MTC! all of the doctors are thinking its best I wait it out a little longer, cause I'm not even back into normal who knows how that will go.
but I feel really good about that decision. I mean in the ICU we always said you'd WAAAAAAY rather spend an extra day in the ICU then get transfered out too early... so I think it's the same thing, I don't want to get transfered out of the MTC too early. I especially don't want to get to Hungary and have my trainer see me limping off the plane and think "Great, I get the Gimpy sister. oh, AND her hungarian sounds like a 5 year old"...haha... so... I would way rather have my trainer never even realize I had foot surgery. I want to get off the plane and hit the ground running and not have to say "hey can we take it easier this first week, my foot hurts" blah... no thanks. I'm gonna get there 100%....and still speak like a 5 year old!! it will be awesome! So all in all i think it's a good decision. I'm ok with it, I know the Lord has got my back (And my foot) and it's the best.
So this week I had an awesome dream. Well I love dreams, and so this week in the midst of the foot stuff, I dreamed that I got a new mission call, I was getting reassigned to a new mission cause I couldn't walk. So in my dream I opened my new call and it said (well my real call says: your primary assignment is the mission nurse) my dream call said: "you have been called to the california spanish speaking mission. Your primary assignment is: The mission Birthday Party Clown!"....bahahaha...what?!?! ... so then in my dream, I was at the MTC dressed as a clown, in clown training, speaking spanish. The thing is I wasn't even disheartened I was a birthday party clown, I was just mad in my dream that I was having to spend 8 more weeks in the MTC. (i think i was secretly pumped to be a birthday party clown) maybe my dream will partly come true, maybe in Hungary they will be in desperate need of some party entertainment. I'll tell them "Don't worry, I got this"..the kids will love me.
OH I don't know if I mentioned last week. But when I was coming out of anesthesia from surgery, waking up from surgery, the anesthesiologist said I WAS SPEAKING HUNGARIAN!!!!!!!!... he said "i couldn't understand her, but it was definitely hungarian".... booyah!!! That means it must be sticking right? I meant if i wake up from a deeply sedated state and the first thing I do is speak Hungarian, that's a good sign! so... I might be able to survive this language after all.
Well this week in the MTC for us is what we call "consecration week". It's where we dedicate the whole week to being the best missionary ever, and we also give up english for a week. So this entire week I will ONLY speak hungarian. ONLY...HUNGARIAN... so I am no longer an english speaker, I am hungarian. It's a tidge bit intimidating, but luckily sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. So i'm really excited to see how this week goes, feel the blessings of sacrifice and consecration and really get in gear for Hungary. Even if I'm getting delayed a week... it is coming soon. pray that I don't get delayed, but life is life..and if it happens it will be awesome.
Well I love you all!!
I got lots of letters and emails this week, i'm gonna work my little heart out to reply to them all. Love you all!!!
Papritz Nover

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