Monday, March 14, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - March 14 , 2011

Friends and family,

Transfers are coming up this Wednesday and I am finally kicking the curb here in Milwaukee after a seven and a half month run. I'll be moving to a city to the south called Kenosha. I forgot to get the address but I'll get that to you soon.

This week was pretty decently normal. We added a new investigator named Hermilo. We met him one day when our district went to eat at Olive Garden. He was bussing our table and I started talking to him and I got his information. He is an interesting guy, it's always a interesting to meet a Mexican that isn't Catholic. He had a pretty hard time accepting the Book of Mormon but he reassured us that he would read it and test it out. Also unlike most of the people we meet, he new the Bible very well. He is a really sweet guy that is just trying his best to follow Jesus.

Fabio (the guy we ran in to while he was Barbecuing outside one day) is doing pretty fantastic. After he had to cancel one of our appointments we met up with him and found out that he had read seven chapters in the Book of Mormon. He still has to get married but with a new law that was passed here in Wisconsin which makes it very difficult for illegals to get married he is running in to a lot of problems. But he is going on a long 8 month work trip and he won't be able to get baptized before. He'll be gone until November sooo he's definitely going to have to go on hold for a while.

Other than that I've just tried to get ready to transfer to Kenosha -- running around getting addresses for places that I previous had just memorized where it was at, writing in the area book and meeting with members.

My new companion is going to be Elder Kelly -- my trainer. It's pretty weird but we are both way excited to be companions again. It is going to be his last transfer before he goes home. My MTC companion, Elder Cook, will be training this coming transfer. It's so weird to think about how fast time has gone, when Elder Kelly trained me he had 14 months on the mission but it seems like it has just be no time and he is already going home after next transfer. I remember us talking about how much time he had left and we both agreed it seemed forever away but it sure snuck up on us.

I still have not gained back 8 pounds from when I was sick. My stomach is definitely way shrunk, I for sure cannot eat as much as I could before. I'm working on that. I have an infusion this Wednesday.

Sorry I don't have any crazy city stories. It was a pretty normal week.

Hope everything is going well,
Elder Papritz

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