Monday, March 7, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - March 10 , 2011

Get the stomach flu for 3 days!
That's right, to hit food frenzy week with a bang we decided to go to the Brazilian churrasco but we found out it was closed after we showed up and for some reason it doesn't even have the hours displayed on the door or anything. We had to actually go back to the library and look up the times and it even said it was open on Monday. We tried to call them but they don't even have an answering machine set up. So not a terribly good start to food frenzy week but we settled for Applebees and it was still good. Then on Tuesday we had the local Polish Deli. My my, it was Polska divine; we had smoked cheese, stuffed bacon and some kind of ridiculously good Polish ham. Way good. Wednesday however, we ate at this seafood Mexican restaurant and I got there and I decided that I'd probably be able to tell that the seafood wasn't going to be incredibly fresh there (being from Oregon, whereas my companion is in landlocked Utah). So I chickened out and orded the steak. The weird part is I ordered a porterhouse they gave me a t-bone and the charged me for the filet mignon (figures a little Mexican seafood shop wouldn't do steaks right). Well that night I was not feeling well at all. I commenced what would be a three day battle for my sanity. I spent the first 24 hours-straight throwing up...probably over 30 times. Couple that with a terrible fever, muscle aches, joint pain, worst runs of my life. It was miserable. I am still feeling the affects from it. I'm so low on energy and weak, it hurt to sort my laundry this morning because I had to have my arms up and moving for so long. But the whole time I was throwing up I just kept thinking, "I'm never having another steak ever. Heck, I'm never eating at another restaurant ever!" I thought for sure it was food poisening but I talked to the church doctor and he thinks it is probably what another missionary had just a day before, just like the stomach flu.
It was sooo beyond miserable. I seriously thought I was never going to see the end of it. Three days straight. I had thoughts that I was going to have to come home, I was going to need surgery on my insides from ripping them from heaving so hard. I thought I had e-coli and that I was going to die like that one kid that died in Oregon a few years ago from an e-coli breakout at a Wendy's a few years ago.
Tuesday and Wednesday went alright, I guess. I don't really remember much from the week to be honest but we literally just did nothing this week because I was just sick like a dog. I didn't even eat food until Sunday minus two packs of apple sauce and some jelly that I ended up throwing up.
Well, I thank God that it is over now. I remember thinking during the whole thing, "Man I'm really going to appreciate the feeling of being better again."
I sure do.
Much love,
Elder Papritz

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