Sunday, March 6, 2011

Amy - Jilong, Taiwan March 6, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
March is here!!! crazy!! I can't believe we are already hitting March! Not much happened this week. The same old investigators with the same problems. We did see a miracle yesterday though. One of our investigators Jiang shu hua has been struggling for weeks. She keeps tell us that she isn't happy and we tell her that she needs to come to church. She hasn't come yet expect yesterday she finally came!!! One of our amazing new converts Chen si yu talked to her on the phone for a while and worked some kind of magic because she came to church!! Jiang shu hua said afterward that she felt really really happy. I am so grateful for the members in our ward who are so willing to help us. On a sad note Huang Jiemei didn't come to church even though she said she would. With Hao yi nothing has changed, he still hasn't come to sacrament meeting. So he won't be able to get baptized on his 3rd baptismal goal of the 26th. Blast! If ya'll have any tips on how to wake up a 10 year old and get him to church it would be much appreciated. On a super happy note, GREEN IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SAUTRDAY!!! I am so excited!!! I couldn't ask for a better birthday gift. He is amazing! I am so excited for him to get baptized so that he can bless his family. His mother in law said that if when he joins the church and he makes big changes she will accept the church and get baptized.
On Wednesday we had the wonderful oppourtunity to attend the temple. I love the temple! Sister Howell and I woke up early to e-mail and we headed to Taipei early. When we got to the temple all of the stress about our investigators and other things melted away. I felt so much peace. It was so wonderful to serve in the temple. Afterward we hung out with the Sisters in our zone. I don't know if I told ya'll but Sister Bready is in my district this transfer!! She is in Neihu which is 20 minutes away by bus. I get to see her twice a week which is amazing!! And Sister Tanner who was in my district last transfer moved to Shilin which is still in our zone so I get to see her too!! Its just like old times in the MTC. I love those two sisters. They are amazing missionaries and great examples to me. Anways, we went shopping at the MRT mall.
This week Elder Perkins of the Seventy is coming to take a tour of our mission! On Thursday we are having a meeting with him and his wife. Our zone will sing a special musical number. We also will have the opportunity to teach him a 10 minute lesson on any Gospel topic. yikes! It will be so much fun. I am so excited for him to come and to learn so much from him. He used to be the mission president of the Taipei mission and lived in Beijing for a while. I will write you next week about it.
Well I hope that you all have a great week. I miss you and pray for you everyday.
All my love,
Yang Jiemei

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