Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Autumn MTC February 23 , 2011


Well let me tell you, this week was WEIRD! It started off with a visit to the doctor about some constant foot pain I'm having, then him saying "Well it's either surgery or suffering"... uh... so I said well I guess I'll take surgery. So that was wednesday, thursday all the plans were made and friday I was off to surgery! what!? .... I had a neuroma in my foot which is a big ugly bundle of nerves in between my toes which basically kills me every time I walk. I thought maybe I could ignore it, but then I realized I don't even hardly walk in the MTC other than between class and the how on earth would i walk around Hungary?! So it seemed like that logical thing to do. But then they gave me the options 1. go home and get surgery and be released as a missionary and maybe getting reassigned to another mission (uh heck no I ain't going home!) 2. going home and getting the surgery but staying a missionary but the process could take several weeks ( ......3. get it done in Provo and recover in Utah and be back in action in a few days (ding ding ding! I'll choose that!) So i got surgery on friday and today I'm going back to class finally. I've missed 3 full days of class, which has been hard but I'm ready to hit the ground running!!!....well, maybe not running, hit the ground limping, but with the same attitude as running!

The amazing thing/huge blessing is the doctor said in surgery he realized that a ligament had completed encased this nerve bundle, which means that no medicine could have ever reached it, no injection could have ever helped it...and he said If i ignored it and went to Hungary the pain would have been so bad I would have needed to come home from my mission early! wow!. ... so GOOOOOOD THING I got it fixed now. Now there shouldn't be any delay in my departure to Hungary. Even though it's only a little less than 3 weeks away he said it should be healed by then. still tender, with weird nerve sensation, but I will be able to get to HUNGARY!!! HALLELUJAH!!! ...if worse comes to worse i might need to stay in the MTC an extra week..but heck atleast I'm getting to Hungary! Super huge blessings!

So now I have to wear a super cute walking boot and crutches sometimes..and i look like a total nerd with a hobble..but oh well. It's all fixed.

So that was basically my week. pretty exciting change of pace I'd say. But I'm glad to get back in the saddle and catch up on all the Hungarian I've missed. I love the work I'm doing and counting down the 2.4 more weeks until I'm on that big beautiful plane to HUNGARY!!

Love you all! szeretlek!

-Papritz Nover


melissa parr - awesome email. can't wait to respond. i'm tricky like that with my Hungarian dictionary. and tell Tams I love T-rex already.

Evan Moore - YOU SERIOUSLY SKIIED THAT MOUNTAIN?!?! AND YOU LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT?!?!....oh man you are so hardcore. I will write back to your letter soon. sounds like you are rocking NCC.

Jeanette - the world really is on fire?!? what?!?! all that stuff sounds crazy. you're the best mom ever. can't wait to see pictures of the new little one...i'm assuming her name is Autumn jr.

camilla vargas - where the heck are you?!?! did you die?!?! ... you are failing miserably at your commitment.

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