Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Autumn MTC February 2 , 2011

Jo reggelt en csodalatos csaladonkat es baratainkat! (good morning my wonderful family and friends!!!)
The mtc is same old same old except I'M HALF WAY DONE!!! BOOOYAH!!! also... it is groundhogs day, and this place eerily feels like the movie groundhogs day. wake up and do the same thing everyday.... hmm... so i'm kind of living in a time warp right now, living groundhogs day on groundhogs day!
So this week my big news!! I HAD A DREAM IN HUNGARIAN!!!!! YESSS... for those of you who know how important dreams are to me this is a big deal!!! haha... now don't get too excited i didn't speak anything that exciting. but the dream went like this: I was in my first area in budapest with a Sister Abundi Abundi (don't ask me where me brain got that name! haha)... so it was my first day in the area and we were walking down a street and we saw these two girls in this garden one of them looked up and said "i recognize you! i have been wanting to talk to you, i am looking for happiness"... my companion looked at me and said "go for it"... so i said "Isten szerett minket. Az o gyermekei vagyunk! Az evangeliuma igaz!"..... (translation: God loves us. we are his children. the gospel is true)... the girl looked up from the garden and said "that's is exactly what i was hoping to hear, please teach me more!"....SCOOOOORE!!!!!!! then we taught her and her friend. and I woke up so pumped and excited that ALL I NEEDED was just those simple phrases and I knew that my hungarian would be enough. i don't need to be eloquent or perfect, as long as i can testify that God loves us, we are his will all be ok! So needless to say it was a major blessing to be so reassured that I know the Lord is perfectly happy with my performance and my little tiny bit of hungarian. luckily I have six more weeks to get it down, but even if I don't know anymore than I do today... I will be ok.
So this week we had the opportunity to hang out with two missionaries who are FROM HUNGARY! so we met real hungarians. they were so awesome and I just fell in love with them both. It was so inspriring. one was a convert and was found by my teachers husband in budapest. it was so good to have some perspective of real hungarians and their story and the story of the people in hungary and how much they need the gospel. The field is white!!! It was a good week.
Also for funny story: this week the firealrm went off blazzing loud at 1020 at night..we all had to evacuate and go into the gym in our pajamas. come to find out some girl had microwaved a poptart in the wrapper. it exploded and started a fire! haha.... that's about as exciting as this place gets.
I love being here. I love serving the Lord and I love all of you!!!!!!!!
-Papritz Nover

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