Thursday, February 17, 2011

Autumn MTC February 16 , 2011

JO NAP MINDENKI! (good day everyone!!)
Well this week FLEW BY!!! WOOHOO!!!!... that means I'm THAT MUCH closer to hungary. That makes me so excited. Well we got our kicsi (youngers) hungarian elders and they seem soooo little. and man it makes me feel really OLD.. i mean little as in they don't know any hungarian. which, obviously I didn't either at that point. It made me feel a tiny bit better knowing that.... "hey I kind of maybe, sort of know a LITTLE bit what i'm doing!"...and also it means that there is LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT UNTIL HUNGARY!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! So the cool thing is that one of the elder is THE FIRST missionary to come from Cuba...ever. He is the first cuban missionary. His english is perfect cause he lived in canada for a while. but he speaks spanish and english and is now going to Hungary. Also this week in the teaching resource center we taught a return sister missionary who got back LAST THURSDAY! so fresh off the plane from Hungary. Obvously she loved it, and just told us over and over again that we will love EVERY second. It made me so excited.
Well my valentines day was awesome here in the good 'ol MTC. I got a letter from my brother Austin and an AWESOME package from my brother Alden full of Martinelli and a heart box of chocolates. Everyone thought I had some boy waiting for me at home, but nope it was MY AWESOME BROTHER!!! it made my day. (THANKS ALDEN!!)
This week was just a lot of hungarian and...well more hungarian. Time is flying faster and faster, It made me so excited. I love reading everyone's emails and hearing how life is around the world from my siblings. We're taking the world by storm our missionary army!!
Well not much else to report. I'll make some excitement happen this week. Oh yeah...I had to go to the hospital with a sister missionary who got a "stomach scope" done for ulcers.. so when she was coming out of anesthesia she kept saying "i feel like I'm dumbledore...where's my wand?!" "I need to convert people, I need my wand...I'll just cast a spell"... she was soooo loopy and it was sooo entertaining and made me feel kind of like a nurse again, back in the good 'ol hospital.
-sister papritz

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