Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Autumn MTC February 09 , 2011

o napot mindenki! hogy vagytok? (good day everyone, how are you all doing?)
Well another week in the MTC... and this week WE'RE THE VETERANS! WHAT?!?!?.... that means that today we get our "kicsi" our "youngers" ....and we are the "osi" (OLDERS!). I really don't feel prepared for this. I mean, like... youre supposed to know a bit of hungarian before you start setting the example as the "expert" right?! haha... it's going to be a hoot. I'll sure have them fooled. I've memorized a couple of fancy phrases... i'll just use that on them until they're smart enough to realize, hey she keeps saying the same fancy thing over and over again. But it's exciting because that means we're so close to getting to HUNGARY!!!! heaven is soooo close!!!!! I can just taste the chicken paprikas and feel the hungarian wind in my hair.
This week I made some AWESOME hungarian mistakes. In teaching someone I thought they said "I pray while cleaning the toilet" instead of assuming I hear wrong i indeed decided to clarify "so, you pray while cleaning the toilet"....haha.... uh yeah... they definitely didn't say that, and I defintiely just made a fool of myself. Luckily we were just teaching my teacher and she laughed a lot.
Also My hungarian CTR ring... well it says VAJ..which is already funny in english. Well in hungarian... even though the letters V A J stand for choose the good in hungarian. the word VAJ means BUTTER! I am wearing a ring that says butter on it..awesome. good conversation starter.
Well I'm running out of time. Not tons of exciting updates. but I know this gospel is true. the scriptures are so awesome and help me more than ever in life. The work I'm doing is EXACTLY what the Lord wants me to do and I am priviliged and excited to be his servant and messenger.
I love you all!!!!! szeretlek!
-Papritz Nover

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