Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - February 21, 2011


This week we had a leadership conference for three days. That was pretty cool but very long. It was especially hard because I was taking pain killers and muscle relaxants for my back and I was soooo out of it. All the other missionaries were so confused as to why I was acting so different. I was so mellowed out and rather indifferent about most things, it was pretty funny. Then on the second night I had terrible flu-like symptoms. I was going insane with a fever and muscle aches. That night I maybe accumulated 2 hours of sleep. The next day at leadership it was a miracle that I didn't fall asleep at all but during the ten minute breaks I'd go in to a dark room and just lay on the hard, cold floor and crash for the ten minutes and then zombie in to the meeting again.

Despite that. I learned quite a bit, they went over the sort of "basics" of Preach My Gospel. It was pretty eye opening because I realized that although I had a lot of investigators interested in being baptized not many of them knew, for example, the important of prayer or scripture study in their conversion. On Thursday I was reunited with my companion and did some quality work, adding 4 new investigators and setting 4 baptismal dates. It was way tight.

One night we were visiting some potentials and I noticed the delicious smell of barbecue along with a giant plume of smoke. I told Elder Partis, "I'm just going to follow my nose." We had to awkwardly walk through a couple people's backyards to get to these two Mexicans standing around a barbecue. I could tell they were a little curious as to why a couple of Spanish speaking white guys in suits had just walked right up to them while they were barbecuing but they were so cool. I asked them what they were cooking, they told me it was sausage and steak. One of the guys then said that his wife was upstairs in the house heating tortillas and that we could head up, grab a coke and wait for the meat up there haha. We shrugged and said Okay! While walking up the stairs Elder Partis whispered under his breath, "I love Mexican hospitality." It was so funny, we walked to the little guest room and the lady was talking to another guy there. They both looked at us curiously and then in Spanish they said to each their, "Did you invite them? No. Did you invite them?" Then I told them, in Spanish, "Didn't you two know that we were invited?" They laughed a bit. The lady was sooo nice. We started talking, she invited to sit down. She also spoke very good English, actually. They had two darling little daughters. Then the husband came up later with the meat and we gorged ourselves. Over the hour twenty more people joined the party (invited guests, all Mexican) the husband was way tight and showed us around his incredibly nice house. It was by far the best house I've seen a Mexican own here in the city. He is a carpenter and is even going to put a fountain in his little backyard.

At the end of the party we told them we were going to leave and again he took himself away from his own party to walk us outside. We then started to talk some more and even got in to a gospel discussion. This guy, Fabio, is incredible. He probably has more faith in God than I do. He was saying that someone broke into his house a stole a TV and some of his wife's jewelry but he said that material things don't matter because he knew that as long as he trusted God that he would have what he needed. He also told us that he even had that guest room for the whole purpose of housing people in the hopes that they may want to come unto Christ too by seeing what he had. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it and we're going back on Tuesday.

There were so many cool things that happened this week. A lot of miracles. But one non-miracle which is that it started snowing again was doing sooo good, all sunny and warm and most of the snow from LAST time it snowed had just melted. Bah humbug.

Love you all. If you've sent me something, a letter or package and haven't gotten a letter back just know that I will be sending you something soon enough. I'm behind 9 people that I need to write. It's hard when I only have one day to do it, so my bad.

-Elder Papritz

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  1. The BBQ story made me laugh out loud. It is classic Austin! Love love loved it!!!