Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - February 14, 2011

For church yesterday there were a couple of the young women who gave us little heart suckers for Valentines day. And then when the other missionaries turned away they gave me one of those giant Hershey kisses haha. I didn't really know what to say, I was like, "Wait, did they others get one too?" And they said, "No, this one is just for you. I guess we just gave you a big kiss." Haha. I tried to eat it later but it was a giant fist-sized chocolate kiss so I only got through a third of it and then threw it away. This last week wasn't anything terribly miraculous but there were a couple cool moments.
First of all, on Thursday during morning workouts I was lifting a puny weight and somehow I pulled a back muscle. Incidentally, it was the same muscle I pulled in a bike crash. I went to the doctor for the crash and he prescribed some muscle relaxants. I still had a bunch left over so I've been taken them but it's been making me suuper drowsy and tired during the day. I feel worthless, I honeslty can barely hold a thought. I can't imagine what it would be like taking this crap for a long period of time or being addicted to alcohol or anything else. I'm thinkin' God might have a point with the Word of Wisdom or something like that.
Regardless, Elder Partis and I have been working on adding new investigators. It was pretty cool, we have spent this whole week talking to more people on the streets and stuff and not too much has come from it. But on Sunday I took like a three hour nap after church because I was sooo out of it because of the medicine. Then I woke up and I just said, "Enough. We're going outside." Pretty much the first guy we passed he was looking up to the sky and then I noticed he looked over at us as we passed. I turned back and asked him if he needed something and he replied, "I was just thinking about what a coincidence it was that he was just looking of to the stars and thinking about God and then we passed." So that was pretty cool. We're going to meet with him later this week. I thought that was quite a miracle.
I did splits with our new district leader and it was pretty cool. He did yoga before he came out on his mission and I was telling him how I was having problems sleeping and stuff and he asked me if I had ever tried yoga. He said that yoga really helped him to relax before sleeping at night. That night he showed me some stuff and I was surprised at how good and relaxed I felt. So, now I did some basic stretching and breathing every night. It's way cool. I never thought I'd ever think about doing yoga. But since I hurt my back I haven't been able to do it but I got drugs to help me sleep for that ha.
This week we have a three day leadership training. My boy is going to be all by himself for 21 hours this week in our area. Pray for him haha but I know he'll do good....or maybe I'll come back and half the city of Milwaukee will be on fire. We'll see.
Much love,
Elder Papritz

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