Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - February 08, 2011

Queridos irmãos e irmãs,

Oh man, last night was pretty cool. I had a member updating me on the score of the Super Bowl throughout the game since our Mission President told us that all missionaries had to be in their apartment by 4:00 PM. I had figured out they had won when I saw fireworks lighting up the inside of our apartment. They were probably lit-off about 20 miles away on the lakeshore in downtown Milwaukee. I kind of wish I could have been down there, it would have been crazy. Also, our apartment is right next to a major road on the Southside of Milwaukee and we heard people honking and going crazy all the up to two or three in the morning. It was great. Elder Partis and I took to opening our windows and yelling at people on the street, "HEY! THE PACKERS WON!!" and they'd most often respond, "Yeaah...I know," in which we'd reply, "Oh...okay." And then pull our heads back in the window. But it's way cool over here and I hear the parade is going to be tomorrow in Green Bay. I'll have to ask some of the Green Bay Elders how that goes.

Last Tuesday night we had a crazy blizzard storm which was incredibly convenient because it swept through Wisconsin on the day of transfers. The Spanish Elders in the city south of us got hit hard. There was so much snow (a wall of snow measuring 4 feet) outside their door that they literally couldn't even open it. In fact, the whole city was shut down. It was illegal to drive on the streets and the highways were closed off. I heard that 900 cars were stuck on the highway and actually had to stay there over night?? I can't possibly believe they did that but I heard it from two different people and also since they were completely stopped over night, snow continued to fall and filled in the gaps in between the cars. I'm not even sure how everyone got out....I don't know, heck, maybe they're still there! So on Wednesday we didn't go outside at all. I've never seen so much snow in my life, none of the buses were running on all the city. I looked all over our apartment for shovels and I couldn't even find any. So we just stayed in all day and studied.

Next week we have a four day training for all leadership and trainers. So four out of the seven days next week (not this week) I will be at a meeting from 9 to 4. We'll see how that goes. I guess my boy will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the area.

I wish I had a solid update on our investigators but as you can tell we weren't even able to get out much between the Super Bowl and the terrible death-defying weather. We got to do work this week especially since my boy will probably be in a threesome with the other Spanish Elders and they will have to split time between the two areas next week when I'm in the leadership training.

With much love,
Elder Papritz.

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