Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amy - Jilong, Taiwan February 13, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
Welp not much happened this week. The weather for the first part of the week was gorgeous! We saw sunshine for the first time since I have been here in Jilong. It was great! The work picked up a little since guo nian is over. But later this week it started raining again and won't stop for a week. Blast! Good thing this Oregonian loves the rain! Anyways, Sister Howell lost her voice on Thursday so for the last part of the week I have been doing most of the talking. Its kind of scary but it has been great to see how much I understand and can share. The gift of tongues is an amazing thing!
We experienced some heartache this week. Huang li qin one of our investigators last week missed her baptismal date. This is the third baptismal date she has missed. We finally got a hold of her at her friend's clothing booth. We have been trying to call her for the whole week with no results. When we asked her what happened she said that she went to Taipei with her family. When we asked if she still had a desire to get baptized she said she wasn't sure. She has all the sudden become very flaky. We invited Sister Chen to peike for us but Li qin didn't show up. Long story short, we are going to have to let her go. Sister Howell and I when we got home just sat on our floor and cried. It is so hard to see an investigator who we have worked so hard with. We walked to her house for pete's sake which is 30 minutes away one way. We had so much hope that this baptismal date would be the one for her. It is really hard but I know that Heavenly Father still loves her and is mindful of her. I hope that she will one day get baptized and reiceve the blessings that come from it.On a happier note, our Elders had a baptism last Saturday. He is 80 years old!! He is a sweet old man with such a big heart. It was so great to see him get baptized. This is the first baptism in Jilong for a long time.
The new transfer starts today. We recieved the move call on Friday and Sister Howell and I are staying in Jilong together for another transfer!!! I am so excited to stay here in this wonderful place. Huang zhanglao is moving to the southern part of Taiwan and Chen zhanglao, our district leader, is training again.
I hope that you all have a great week. Sorry this e-mail is so short. Nothing really happened this week. I love you all so much!!
All my love,
Yang jiemei

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