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Autumn MTC week 3 January 19, 2011

family and friends!!!
WEEK 3! LESS THAN TWO MONTHS UNTIL I'M IN HUNGARY!!!! I AM COUNTING DOWN!!!! not that I don't enjoy it here, but my heart is in Hungary and I'm just ready to be immersed in the language and start teaching and taking care of the missionaries and making all of this REAL!
So this week I learned a little bit more about my nursing responsibilities. I had 2 long classes with a bunch of OLD OLD OLD people who are going to be medical area it was me and these old couples, and one of them adopted me as their granddaughter. They were APPAULED that I couldn't go to salt lake with them for extra trainging and to go out to dinner. (duh.. i'm a missionary, i can't just get up and leave this place).. then they were so shocked I wouldn't have access to a computer to do all of my charting that I will do in the field. So they showed up the next day and called me to the front office and said "WE HAVE A LAPTOP FOR YOU!!"...the exclaimed it like it was christmas day! i was shocked...cause obviously I CAN'T JUST HAVE A LAPTOP! ... so they said oh don't worry we'll get it approved for you...haha. so the next day they went to this big wig medical meeting with the Chief medical officer of the church and members of the 12, and he (Dr. Doty) approved me to have this laptop so I could chart and keep track of the missionaries and it's getting reviewed on the big church committee and it's getting recorded in the records of the church that I was the first "groundbreaking" mission nurse...(as they put it)... so they just HANDED BE A BRAND NEW LAPTOP!!.... i said well let me get your address so i can return it to you, they said nonsense.. it was mine. So i now have this "approved" laptop stowed away in my luggage that I'm taking to hungary. FOR FREE!!.. i'm so glad though, it will help so much with my nursing stuff.
so nursing stuff I will do includes, triaging missionaries and making sure they're healthy. making sure to maintain good relationships with hospital adminstrations and doctors in the area so that the missionaries can be treated. making sure to be in contact with the Embassy and departments of health, so that we can stay on top of any pending "pandemics" or outbreaks that might be hitting the area. also, being an advisor to the mission president and his wife on health issues. doing community classes and health classes.. etc etc. sounds like it will be pretty fun! on top of teaching the gospel in hungarian!!! booyah!!! One of the elders created this elaborate way to remember directions in hungarian with this layout of Mario galaxy! every direction mario went had a corresponding hungarian word! man that stuck! I learned that soooo fast! that is my way of learning. So now I try to relate everything to mario...haha... but the language is not going to come easy, it's getting trickier and tricker everyday with some new surprise rule or "exception" to the rule everyday. But slowly things are starting to connect. unfortunately my brain is a science brain, where I visualie everything. There's not much visualization in here goes!
oh yeah..hungarian. well it's still crazy! each day the language sounds like something different I said today "it sounds like arabic, french, italian, russian all rolled into one"... on thing is for sure... it doesn't sound like ENGLISH!!
Hungarian lesson: Mi Csoda! ..... you say it like "Me Choda"... (yoda with a CH) Mi Csoda means "What the miracle!".. which is the hungarian way of saying "what the heck?!"... SO just yell that out when you need to.
This week has just been a lot of language and gospel study. I'm loving it, growing tons and tons..and already feel like if this all ended today and I had to come home cause I got like a broken leg...i would be a totally better person, just a bit more refined in the gospel...and more diligent in life. etc etc.
Here's a bit of my testimony in hungarian: En tudom hogy, Isten mennyei atyank. Gyermekei vagyunk. Eg az igaz eghaz a foldon! (sorry i can't get this keyboard to do the funky dots on top, just imagine them there)
Love, Sister Papritz your hungarian.

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