Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Autumn MTC week 2 January 12, 2011

Sciastok csaladot es baratainkat! (Hello my family and friends!)
IT'S ONLY BEEN TWO WEEKS!!!?!?! Wow I still feel like I've been here FOR YEARS!!! so much happens in these week that it's hard to even summarize it all. This week I learned... well, i bet you can't guess....MORE HUNGARIAN!! we had a surprise and last thursday we had a teaching appointment, we showed up and found out the first 15 minutes were suppoed to be in HUNGARIAN! WHAT?!.... sooo.. that really caught us by surprise. I felt like it would just be comical, since well we don't really know any hungarian.... but we limped along and I did a lot of miming and funny faces...haha.. i think it got the message across. Then the next day we taught again TWO LESSONS in hungarian! .yikes I guess they are really thinking we should know this stuff! Those lessons went better, i think i understand like..hmm.. 1/6th of what they were saying. So every 6th word... or maybe only 6 words. haha i can't quite remember. but I feel like I'm getting stronger in the language everyday. It's crazy to think that I'm actually learning this. oh also we did 2 days of SYL or speak your language where we only speak hungarian. so we've gotten really good at saying hilariously short phrases and gestures..our hungarian is coming along slowly but surely.
The language is so stinkin hard because there are 24 cases.. or like conjugations so. there are essentailly 24 different ways to make a word. instead of the 6 you have in english. and all the words just blend together. So inenglish you would say: Happy birthday to you from me! ... and the english/hungarian equivilant would be something like: birthdayhappyyouilikefromme! they essentially just cram a whole sentence into one word. so normal words in english that are only like 5 letters long are like 24 letters long in hungarian! ... so needless to say it's super hard. but i'm giving it my best shot!
So i think my whole life changed last night. Elder Holland spoke for devotional, and he just blew me away. like... my mind really is still just in shock. the things he said were so powerful and just really made me reprioritize my whole mission and my whole life. He said "my mission meant more to me than anything. and I will be HEAVILY DISSAPOINTED if it doesn't mean the same to you. You should be able to trace every good decision, every event and every good thing in your life from here on to you mission. Your life should be woven around the things you learn on your mission..." etc etc. anyways.. i took like a billion pages of notes, and it just made it all click! this is the BEST thing I could be doing right now! Though I really wish I could be doing an awesome Code or something, or get a really good trauma... haha.. or see my family. This is THE PLACE TO BE!
We had another fireside where they had a bunch of people randomly get up and share their conversion story... so out of the 8 people that got up and shared their experience. 5 of the elders said "well...I had this girlfriend..and well, she was a member of the church. so she made me take the discussion"... then the next one got up "well there was this girl"...ahah..... then the next " see, I was dating someone". HAHA. i don't think it really had the effect he wanted. Then he randomly called up this old senior man from the audience and said "what was your conversion story" and he said "....well...i met my wife back in highschool..and.....she made me take the discussions!". It was so funny, cause i don't think that was QUITE the effect he wanted. but then they all actually had true moments of conversion.
All of the classes and devotionals are FANTASTIC! i love it, really soakin it up. If my brain isn't exploding from hungarian, it is exploding from sheer gospelness getting crammed into every corner of my brain. I love it!
So funny story about an elder in my district. So this poor sheltered elder is from Idaho and he didn't eat anything before his mission besides chicken nuggets and hot dogs! He had never eaten a WHOLE BANANA in his life. so his companion has been trying to wean him into the real world. He was working on a banana and I said "you know... if your body is not used to that much potassium, it might not be good."...."huh? what do you mean?"... "well, lethal injections are performed with a large dose of potassium..and then they die.. so if your body gets to much potassium might die.".....his face got so red, he about puked the banana out of his mouth... and then finally after all of us laughing our guts out we told him that it wouldn't kill him. but he believed it FOR REALS!
also I just got back from the temple and saw NIE NIE in the temple. that was a neat thing, I've always wanted to see her in real life instead of just on her blog.
-Papritz Nover (sister papritz)

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