Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Autumn MTC week 1 January 05, 2011

Csaladot and Baratainkat! (family and friends!)
wowie wowzers!!! A WHOLE WEEK IS GONE!!! I can't believe it, even though it was only a week if felt like a month. My brain felt like it was going to explode all week, HUNGARIAN IS INSANE!!!!! Words that are only like 3 letters long in english are like 15 letters long in hungarian. oh man, but luckily this week I can pray, testify, read the book of mormon and form decent sentences in hungarian all from memory! miracles!!!
So when I showed up on wednesday I was sicker than a dog! my voice was COMPLETELY lost and i felt like i had been hit by a dump truck. So for the first five days i had no voice, couldn't really show my personality, couldn't talk in english or hungarian and just couldn't be myself basically. So it as really challenging, but one of the cute little elders gave me a blessing, and I went and saw a doctor and got started on new antibiotics and VOILA.. i'm feeling nagyon better (very). I am still coughing up lungs, and haven't really slept a full night sleep... but i have a husky women's voice, instead of a husky man voice.. or a squeeky painful voice 5 days ago.
The language is crazy as I mentioned before, but luckily all of our classes are awesome. My teachers are of course incredible and it's so fun trying to learn a language, because I previously never even knew english.. haha. now i'm a pro at conjugations, pronouns, verbs and adjectives!! who would have thunk! All of the devotionals and classes with our Branch presidents and stuff are filled with MEGA doses of the spirit.... I have taken SOO MANY NOTES.. and am actually keeping a journal, cause there is so much awesomeness going on here.. i don't want to miss recording any of it!
I am in a companionship trio, and they are from Utah and Kentucky... we are working stupendously! The Elders in my district feel like little brothers...and act like little brothers. Don't worry, I don't treat them like a mom.. i let them do their goofy thing and just shake my head, when I think of my working with 19 year olds! We have an older group of missionaries that are 6 weeks ahead of us, and they are awesome! They seem so smart and fluent!! haha..eventhough they're only 6 weeks ahead. It seems like they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of our baby hungarian. in time it will come, that's what I keep telling myself. I'm not getting overwhelmed by it because it will come with time, but I definitely think the language is BEAUTIFUL!! singing in hungarian is so awesome cause it just rolls of the tongue. I'm going to sound so fancy when I come back fluent.
I saw Zack Lounsbury a bunch and Elder Wynn....Zack is doing awesome and we swapped testimonies near the temple. It was cool.
Time is flying and I've got to go do laundry!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! write me dear elders!!! God be with you till we meet again in 2012!
-Papritz Nover (sister papritz)

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