Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Autumn MTC January 26 , 2011

hello family and friends!!
I HAVE BEEN HERE A MONTH!!!!! wowie wowzers!! Time is flying (yet going eerily slow at the same time, must be a weird MTC phenomina) This week is our 5th "mtc week" so on Monday I will be half way done!! I can't believe it/Can't wait!!! I am so ready to be in Hungary... get me to the goulash and bratworst and Hungarians!!!
So since everyday is basically the same: wake up, study the gospel, study the language, go to gym, have a devotional, study the gospel, study the language..... there is nothing really that exciting to report. Other than we were told this week that Hungarian is like learning 4 languages in 1..... so that's awesome for my non-language brain. Everyday i keep thinking "i wonder if this will ever feel as comfortable as walking into a trauma or doing cpr, or taking care of a heart transplant"....etc ... haha. i am such a science brain, but the language is coming slowly but surely. Like it was weird the other day I was reading the book of mormon in hungarian...i got done with the verse and realized " mi csoda! i knew everything that verse said!"...miracle. ALSO this week I memorized the entire 1st vision!!! so awesome.. it sounds soo beautiful in hungarian.
Hungarian lesson for the week: An example of how long hungarian words are: the word for "Trials" is Megprobaltatasaiankat! ..... 20 letters to our measly 5 in english!
Also there is a word that means "cleaner" like "windex cleaner" .... and it sounds like "tasty toaster".. haha.... except you change the A sounds to E's.. but basically the same "tasty toaster".
So i would like to report that I am carrying on the strong Papritz/Wettlaufer tradition of DOMINATING in 4 SQUARE!..... gym time is all business, and I bring my A game and put the elders to shame. so much so that I have an elder that seeks VENGENCE on me everytime... like whenever I get to king he takes out all of his rage on me, a poor little sister missionary, becaue I got him out ONCE a WEEK AGO in am amazingly brilliant shot I took that got him out, causing the crowd to roar basically lift me on their shoulders and him getting booed off the court. i meant, that's a essentially what happened...and he's holding a grudge. haha.. but's the best.
It's crazy cause our "older" hungarian missionaries leave on MONDAY!! that means WE'RE THE OLDER ONES!!! AHHHHH!!!! I don't know enough hungarian to be an older!! but the awesome thing is their flight plans came and they fly into PARIS!!! awesome.. so in 5 weeks i'll be enjoying a wonderful layover in paris on my way to budapest. no big deal.
Well I love you all!!!!! keep strong! the gospel is true!!!! I love serving the Lord.
all my love x a million
-Papritz Nover

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