Monday, January 31, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - January 31, 2011

Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas,

This week is transfer week. I was with the zone leaders on splits when the transfer text came. I will be staying in Milwaukee with my boy, training for another transfer. The only moves in the whole zone where both district leaders and another English missionary who is actually going to be a district leader after only 6 months. In fact, there are rumors that he is going to be our district leader now which means he won't be going far. Oddly enough, this Elder's name is Elder Calder and when I first saw him when he first came to the field six months ago it was quite a weird time warp situation. Elder Logan Calder was actually going to be my roommate at BYU when I had selected my housing in the fall. But he decided to go to UofU like 5 days before the semester started. It's really funny because I tell him all the time whenever we are having a good time or laughing really hard at a joke I'll say to him under my breath, "Hahah...ooh, man, we would have been best friends...." I make him feel guilty for switching to UofU all the time.

Speaking of splits with the zone leaders, the investigator up there with cancer, Meliton, is doing sooo well. Gosh that guy has got some faith if I've ever seen it. We gave him a blessing a few weeks ago and I felt really strongly that he would be healed and I've been surprised with how long it's been taking. But he reassured me by telling me that he has already been healed. Either way things turn out, Christ has already paid the price. His soul is healed. Wow, that was a pretty powerful moment. He desires so much to go to church and be baptized but he still has two more chemo therapy treatments. Also, the zone leader's Mexican investigator gave a lot of his friends and family as referrals to them. But a lot of them only speak Spanish. Sooo, it looks like I'll be going up to their area a lot more than usual.

The other day it was reeeally cold and we were waiting for at a bus stop (like always) and I noticed the street light pole. It looked for metallic, very cold, very smooth. I could not help but have the urge to put my tongue on that pole. So when my companion turned his back I stepped over to the pole and touched my tongue to the pole. It stuck. But I only touched the very tip and it came off pretty easily. So I called over to my companion and then stuck my tongue on the poll again, just enough so that I could pull back and it would stretch my tongue and really look like it was stuck. He turned and saw me and so ever calmly asked, "What are you doing?" And then I pulled back to detach it but it was stuck on there pretty good. He realized that I really had it stuck on there. I really started thinking that I might actually have my tongue stuck but I pulled really hard and it ripped off, taking quite a bit of skin frozen to the pole. We both started laughing really hard but then my tongue started bleeding and it seriously didn't stop for like an hour and a half. Gosh, it was so funny. I want to do it again and do it with my whole tongue but have a bunch of warm water to get it off easily so that I can take pictures of it. Good idea, right? Right??

Sounds good. See ya'll later.

Elder Papritz

ps. Since the Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl, I got an email from the mission president saying that every missionary needs to be inside by 4:00 PM on Sunday studying or planning. I was wondering if something like that would happen, I can't imagine any real missionary work could be done anyways. But I thought that was funny, we are actually not allowed to proselyte or even go outside after 4.

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