Monday, January 24, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - January 24, 2011


Gosh this week was so cold. By far the coldest days of the winter. We had a couple below zero days and with the windchill....we just didn't go outside if we could help it. I've never experienced anything like it. You literally cannot have your hand exposed for more than 20 seconds and your nose just starts dripping and you can't even tell because it's so numb you can't even feel it. Which is incidentally very embarrassing when talking to someone and you have a three inch snot drip coming off the tip of your nose.

In other news, the Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl. I'm hoping this will bring the state out of recession and will boost moral throughout the land, soften hearts and make spirits rejoice for missionary work! We'll see.

Last week we visited our most recent convert in the hospital. He was in a lot of pain after getting his appendix removed. It was a cool visit, we talked to his less-active mother and got to know her better. Scott (the recent convert) asked to get a blessing and asked me to do it. It was a cool moment, I felt confident to reassuring him that he'd be leaving the hospital the next day and that he'd be able to prepare in time for a piano competition he has. I found out days later that he did leave the hospital the next day and I'm sure he is going to be more than prepared for the competition. He is so good at piano. For his senior recital (Senior in highschool, that is) he is going to memorize a 30 page concerto by Schumann. I looked over it for a minute. It's nuts.

I had interviews with my mission president this week. It went really well. He let me know that I'd have another transfer with my boy to train him. There are a lot of missionaries in the mission that are not doing well. They taken to rebelling, breaking rules and really slackin' during the winter, including missionaries that had come out with me to the field. He sincerely thanked me for not falling in to that.

Cool experience! We went to the Chicago temple with an investigator that I had met when I was with the zone leaders on exchanges. He wanted to check out the temple and Elder Partis and I were going to do a session while he did some other errands in Chicago. But we go there and we found out it was closed for cleaning! We still walked around the outside and we had a cool lesson with the investigator but it was still a very decent drive to come all the way for nothing. So I decided to talk to one of the guys there to see if we could help out in cleaning at least. He let us come in and we got to work with these couple of Mexicans that were there cleaning the temple. They were so hilarious, and they were surprised that we had come from Milwaukee and that we were Spanish missionaries too. It was a cool experience just cleaning near the baptismal font and the lockers in the bathrooms (I can now say I've gone in the girls bathroom of the temple). Then afterwards we went in to the Celestial room and that was cool. Then they gave us these pretzel snacks so now I can say too that I've had snacks in the temple. All in all a cool experience. It was cool talking to them about their experiences of being alone in the temple for long periods of time. They had some cool stories.

Love you all. Thank you for the letters and emails of support and other cool stuff like that.

Much love,
Elder Papritz

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