Monday, January 10, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - January 10, 2011

Hi family,

So I'm not gunna lie. This week was a pretty rough week. It started out super decent when I went on exchanges with the zone leaders and set a baptismal date with a Hispanic investigator up there. And then it went downhill from there. First of all that baptismal date is way far away and we will probably not be able to baptism him because he lives so far away from the branch building and we don't have a car so we can't even really go up and teach him that much. Also, he has cancer so he can't live his house too much. But the next day when I got back to my area we got dropped by 4 investigators progressing to baptismal. On Sunday I had knocked on their door and I knew they were inside but they didn't come to the door. Then I decided to look through the window on the top of the door and I saw the grandma and the little sister of the family just sitting their watching TV. I waved them down and told them to come to the door. The grandma just shook her finger at me and shoo'd me away. (Rosa the grandma, Antonio the dad, Mireya one of the sisters and Beto (Mireya's boyfriend) all had baptismal dates in this one household.) But Mireya's Mom who owned the one decided one day that if they were all going to live in her home that they weren't going to meet with us. But I didn't know that at the time. I was just confused as to why they didn't want to talk to us. So 2 days later I went back and the little sister who was watching TV answered the door and told me that no one was home. I knew she was lying and eventually I figured out that someone was hiding around the corner. It was the brother. He explained to me what his Mom had said. He told me, "Sorry man, it's over. You gotta go." Then he grabbed me by my arm and helped me out of the house. I was so completely stunned. That was a family I had worked with for 5 months. Gone.

To answer a question from my Mom. I haven't had a baptism yet. I was at the baptismal for the other Spanish missionaries here in Milwaukee. But I did baptize him because I knew him the best and had taught him a few times and he just decided that he wanted me to do it.

On top of all of that, I lost my phone on a bus on Saturday and the lost and found was closed on the weekend so I just called in today and they don't have it. We rode buses for 2 hours to try to find it (there were 4 buses on the route where we lost it). It's been pretty miserable without a phone. We're pretty worthless without it. We still have plenty of investigators and quite a few progressing towards baptism.

Training is going really well. I really love my companion. He reminds me more and more of Alden every day. I wish I could provide him with a little better experience than we've dealt with this week but he's awesome and remains totally optimistic.

Cool stuff. I'll see ya'll next week.
Elder Papritz

ps. The electric sox are decent. I guess they do exactly what they say which is make the feet warm but I wish it would get hotter not to mention the holster that the battery's in makes a bump in my pant leg where it sticks out. I haven't mailed the sweaters yet. I still haven't found a UPS but I'll make sure to call the store to see if they even have exchanges for it before I send it.

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