Monday, January 3, 2011

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - January 03, 2011

Well I'll just jump right in to it.

I had a way fun split with my district leader, Elder Privett. He's in the "northside." So I was way excited to go up there. Every district meeting I heard from him about how good his investigators are but just knowing Elder Privett he isn't the boldest missionary and so I really wanted to go with him to help him set some baptismal dates. But we haven't been able to do it because he was training and now I am training but we just went ahead with it on Tuesday. It was unlucky that we got dogged on just about every appointment he had but we did get in the door on one of his investigators and it was hilarious. I didn't realize the the person he was looking for wasn't actually in the house and it was the ladies friends and siblings just sitting around. We were just kind of mingling and I came up to this one guy (this is a black family if you didn't figure that out) and I called him out and asked if he could freestyle rap. I threw down the beat and he started spittin' flames. Then one of the sisters came in and started freestylin' and then I even took a verse, it was sick. They were loving it. Also, I always see the black people around here do this secret gangsta handshake and so I asked them afterwards what it was and they showed me! Elder Privett and I had been looking for someone to show us for like 6 months but we finally got it. It's so tight! We are so hood. But then one of the guys started rolling a doobie so we decided to go haha. But really....

My boy is way tight. He is so good at singing. He is going to major in vocal performance so we almost always sing for our investigators. It sounds way tight. This week too I got a random call from one of our members and he told me he wanted a blessing. I figured he was sick but he told me that his daughter in Guatemala had killed herself and he wanted a blessing of comfort. I couldn't believe it. I got to his house as soon as I could. You have to imagine too that he is already a really quiet, soft spoken guy and he was just ballling his eyes out. I could have gone my whole life without seeing him like that. Also, he is illegal so he can't even go visit and support his family and other two daughters he has there. She was only 19 years old when she died. And right on New Years Eve. Coincidentally we had a lunch appointment planned with his family the next day and we had Pasole de Pollo which is what they eat every year for good luck. It definitely had a bitter feel to it.

This week we have zone conference and then I go on exchanges with the zone leaders to help teach some of their Hispanic families and stuff so that'll be cool but I'll have to leave my boy to take care of the area for two days. Hope I don't come back with Milwaukee in flames.

Welp, that's all from me. Nothing crazy happened on New Years except all the busses were absolutely packed because Miller Light beer had bought out all the busses and made all busses free for the night (probably to encourage people to drink and not drive home). Investigators are going very well, I'm slowing but surely solving all their concerns and doubts. I just need to get 6 of them married for heaven's sakes.

Love ya all,
Elder Papritz

ps. The family that I rapped with has a recording studio where they do "clean, non-degrading rap" and when the Mom had heard that I was a baller she told Elder Privett to invite me back so that she could check me out and see how hood I am and perhaps I'll even get to be featured in one of their songs. Tiiight. "Missionaries in the Hood" - Random Black Family in Milwaukee ft. Elder P-rizzle. Look out for it in the itunes store.

pss Mom: Didn't you tell me you were sending white shirts? I was thinking about it and I've never gotten any. Sooo, I hope you sent it to the right apartment or maybe I missed the UPS truck when it came. Not sure.

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