Monday, January 31, 2011

Amy - Jilong, Taiwan January 30, 2011

Qinai de Jiating,
Happy Chinese New Year!!! I hope that you all are having great week.We certainly did here in Jilong. I'm just going to say, Alden you better get ready to hit the ground running because there are so many prepared people here. This week Sister Howell and I have continued to see so many miracles. I feel like Ammon in Alma 26, "Of my own strength I am weak... I do not boast of myself but I will boast of my God." I know that Sister Howell and I are not perfect missionaries and yet Heavenly Father is continuing to bless us with so many miracles. My Chinese is still not very good and yet I know that as I open my mouth and talk to people that Heavenly Father is filling it and is helping the people understand me. We taught this one lady named Sarah who was a phone referral from another missionary. She was really willing to set up with us and when we asked if she believed Joseph Smith's experience she said yes. She also said that if Joseph Smith could recieve answers to his prayers that she could too. She was really willing to set a baptismal date and she even came to church on Sunday. She is wonderful. You are going to LOVE serving here Alden. The people are so humble and willing to hear the Gospel. Yang jiating (Green and Joy) are doing great. Green came to church for the third time and is making so much progress. His wife has yet to come to church yet. She has to work on Sunday at a shoe shop but she said after Guo nian she can come to church. So we are hopeing that she will come. If not, we will turn Green over to the Elders to teach.
Everyone is preparing for Guo nian (Chinese New Year). A lot of people don't really want to meet with us because they are "too busy" For guo nian everyone cleans their homes and prepares a lot of food. The ward sent around the calender to feed us for guo nian. Oh dear, we have two appointments a day the whole week of guonian. From what I have heard from other missionaries is that they feed you a TON of food. On Wednesday we have two dinner appt. because an investigator, Song yuan ting, wants to feed us. I am so nervous. I have such a small stomach and I dont' eat much. So we will see if I will survive. haha I am really excited for my first guo nian in Taiwan. Yahoo!! I will send you pictures next week of the festivities.
I hope that everything is going well at home. I can't believe that they already sent you stuff about me coming home! I don't even want to think about it! It still seems so far away. I am already at the end of my 3rd transfer. Yikes!! Time is flying. Mom, I am so proud of you for handing out a Book of Mormon to that lady in Costco!! Way to be a great missionary!! I will keep her in my prayers. Keep it up! There are still a lot of prepared people for you to help. Pray everyday for opportunities like the one you had to share the Gospel and Heavenly Father will give them to you. Jia you!! I love you all so much. Thank you for you love and prayers. I have felt them and I am so grateful for all of your examples. Wo ai nimen!!!
All my love,
Yang jiemei

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