Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amy - Jilong, Taiwan January 23, 2011

Qinai de jiating,
How are you all doing? This week has been great. Rainy as usual but great. I really feel like I am back at home with this weather. Sister Howell and I continue to see miracles here in Jilong. Our problem still is that many of our investigators won't come to church. They tell us they will but then they don't. So that is something we have been racking our brains to improve. Also this week we set up a lot of peikes (members in lessons) but they all fell through!! Either the member couldn't come or the investigator fanged us our canceled. This next week we will improve. We are going to go peike crazy!
So this whole last week we have been without warm water. We have had to take ice cold showers. We have a water heater in our apartment but it for some reason quit working. We thought it was the battery but when we changed the battery it still didn't help. Finally yesterday our landlord came over with her husband and checked to see what was wrong. The husband worked some kind of magic so now we have hot water!!! Sister Howell and I took long showers this morning. I have never been more grateful for hot water. Our apartment has tile floors and no heaters besides our little space heaters so it gets rather chilly. We have survived though.
On Saturday we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Taipei and do temple tours. At the Taipei temple right next door is the Chin Hua chapel. On the second and first floor they have a gallery of paintings that are used for temple tours. Its kind of like the tours done in Salt Lake. We introduce about the church and the basic principles of the Gospel. We also explain the purpose of temples. It was a wonderful opportuntiy to meet new people and introduce the church. I felt like I was a Temple Square Sister. haha The Spirit was so strong in our tours and many people gave us referrals. Luckily being so close to Taipei I will have the opportunity again to do temple tours. I love it.
As far as our investigators they are doing really well. Yang dixong (Green) is really progressing. We weren't able to meet with him and his wife this week but when we asked if he will come to church he said of course he would. After church the ward had a lunch. The ward really likes Green and have been really great in fellowshipping him. He is practically a member!! His wife had work so she wasn't able to go to church which is a bummer but hopefully she will come next week. We also have another investigator Huang Li Qin. She is amazing!! Sister Howell and Xiao taught her for a while but then she suddenly quit talking to them. About two weeks ago we got back in contact with her. She is so strong! She will be baptized on the 12 of February. She has been praying and occasionally reading the Book of Mormon (she promised to start everday reading in it though). She has even been sharing the Gospel with her friends. She will have no problems preparing for her baptismal date. We have continued to see so many miracles here in Jilong. Heavenly Father really has prepared so many people to hear the Gospel. Sister Howell and I have a goal to improve our contacing. We plan on in one day contacting 101 people as a companionship. When we reach that goal we will take a trip to Taipei and go up Taipei 101 (the tallest building in Taiwan and use to be in the world until one was built in Dubai). Its massive!! So thats our goal. So far we have contacted about 50 or so as a companionship in one day. So we are half way there!! I will keep you updated on that goal.
I hope that you all are doing well. I am so grateful to be able to serve the Lord here in Taiwan. I love it here and I love the people!!
All my love,
Yang Jiemei

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