Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amy - Jilong, Taiwan January 16, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
The scripture in Moroni 7:35-37 is true!!! Heavenly Father truly is mindful of the people here in Jilong! He really does answer our prayers and the prayers of others. This week we have again seen so many miracles. The biggest one of all is amazing! So, while I was on exchanges with the Dan shui sisters, Sister Howell and Sister Theissen held down the fort here in Jilong. They went and visit a lady that we knocked on her door about three weeks ago. We taught her a lesson and set up again with her. She told us her daughter and son in law were interested in hearing our message. We thought,"sweet! two new investigators!" Little did we know that we were an answer to prayer. Everyday Sister Howell and I pray that Heavenly Father will put prepared people into our path. The son in law said that he has been waiting for people like Sister Howell and Sister Theissen to come and teach him. Apparently he had some big event that caused him to pray for the first time. He told God that if he would send someone to teach him he would listen and obey. The NEXT DAY or so we knocked on the door of his mother in law for the first time. She told him about the two Americans who came over to teach a message and he knew that he this was his answer. When Sister Howell invited him and his wife to baptism he said, "I have already commited to follow God, Yes!" Then he turned to his wife and asked if she was going to join him and get baptized too!!! He also came to church on Sunday. That was the first time I met him. When I saw him before I was introduced to him I thought he as a member! He was wearing a white shirt and tie and black slacks. He looked like a member! I was so suprised when Sister Howell introduced me to him. Sorry his last name is Yang. His Engish name is Green and his wife's name is Joy. He will have no problems getting ready to be baptized. I am so grateful that we followed the promptings of the Spirit and knocked on Wu mama's door. We wouldn't have found him otherwise. This experience makes all the hard work and rejection worth it. I know that Heavenly Father is truly preparing the people here in Jilong for the Gospel.
Things with Sister Howell are still great. She is so awesome! We have so much fun together. She is a little absent-minded and sometimes forgets things and where we are going but it makes it really fun. We just laugh about it and keep going. She has been out in the field for about 8-9 months. Her chinese is really good. She has such a love for the people here and our members. I don't know if I told you in my last e-mail obout our district. There is one set of Elders here in Jilong. Elder Chen and Huang both are natives. They are awesome! This is Elder Huang's first transfer. Both are such strong testimonies. We have a lot of fun together. Our district consists of another set of Taiwanese Elders and Sister Tanner (my awesome roommate from the MTC) and her companion Sister Yang. Our distirct is so awesome! I love them. Its so great to be in the same district as Sister Tanner. We have already had a lot of fun. Last p-day we went and ate at this BBQ place. It as a buffet. We had charchols and our own little kind of BBQ pitish thing. We cooked our own meat. It was sooo good!!!
Well I hope that you all are having a great week!! I love you all so much. I am so glad that Chris could come and visit you. I'm sad I couldn't be there. Have a great week!!! Wo ai nimen!!
All my love,
Yang Jiemei

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