Sunday, January 9, 2011

Amy - Jilong, Taiwan January 09, 2011

Qinai de jiating,
Wow this week has been a week of miracles! I love it here in Jilong!! Sister Howell and I have seen so many miracles this week its crazy!! We are having so much fun though! Sister Howell is fantastic. She is the youngest of 4 and all of her siblings served missions. She is from Utah and is best friends with Sister Bready my MTC companion so that has been fun. Her Chinese is so great and she has been so helpful with mine. We work really well during lessons together each of us taking turns to teach. When Sister Howell teaches she gives such a strong testimony and I know she really loves the people. This is her 7th transfer. I love her to pieces!!
Jilong is wet, hillly, and amazing! I love that you sent me all that information about Jilong. It truly is Taiwan's Seattle!! It has not stopped raining since I have gotten here. It makes riding bikes lots of fun. Jilong has a bus system so we take that a lot more than we have biked actually. Its really nice. The church is in an office building on the 5 and 6th floors and has a great view of the harbor. I haven't seen the ocean yet but there are a lot of boats here including a few sailboats. (Dad don't get any bright ideas about sailing here.) The traffic is busy with lots of buses and cars a little more than Xinzhu but the neighborhoods are tucked into the hill sides. Its a workout getting to houses but its so beautiful. It is so peaceful and quiet up on the hills with all of the windy staircases and little tin roof houses. Its amazing!
The ward here is great! The ward members truly are our angels. They are so willing to help us with anything. One Sister, Chen jiemei is amazing! She has helped us teach lessons a few times. She served a mission here in Taiwan and now has an adorable 4 year old daughter. She currently is the Primary President in the ward. She has such a powerful testimony of the Gospel and has brought the Spirit into the lessons. She has helped us see so many miracles this week. Chen jiemei introduced us to a family that is in desperate need of the Gospel. The Elders are currently teaching the dad but they have run into some huge problems. Basically there was an accident at work and the dad is being charged with the death of a coworker. So he is in jail and they have 3 children. The mom is doing ok but they dont' know what to do. My heart was breaking for this sister as she told us her situation. I am so grateful that Chen jiemei went with us to visit her. We are going to keep visiting this sister and helping her. They need to get baptized pronto so that they can receive the blessings and peace that the Gospel brings. We also visited so many other families that are prepared to hear the Gospel. We found 8 new investigators this week!! Heavenly Father truly hears and answers our prayers!! I forgot to tell you, Sister Howell and her companion last transfer whitewashed this area. There haven't been sisters in Jilong for months because there simply weren't enough sisters to send here. So the area is still very new to us. There are a lot of areas we haven't been to yet. Heavenly Father has so many people here who are prepared to hear the Gospel. It has been amazing to see His hand in preparing these people. I am so excited to be here in Jilong and to help these people come unto Christ. Being a missionary is AMAZING!! Another miracle we saw this week is that we met with an investigator named Macy. She took us out to eat at this Korean resturant. We had a feast! We ate hot pot with seafood, lamb and all sorts of yummy stuff in it. I was so stuffed afterward. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and about eternal families. We found out that her husband who passed away in October was BAPTIZED! He is a member of the church!! She was baptized in another church. She had tears in her eyes as we talked about eternal families and how her and her husband can be sealed together. Next month she will go to Boston, Mass to visit her daugther for 3-6 months. The crazy thing is that Sister Howell's uncle is the mission president in Boston! So we will definately be giving her name to him. She is amazing. I will send you pictures next week of her and the members here.
Well I hope that you all are doing well. I'm sad that I wasn't there to visit with you and Chris. Tell her I say hello and that I love her. Also tell Chelbo I got her package. Thank you!! I love the headband and letter. I will write you soon. I am so grateful to be here in Jilong, Taiwan serving the Lord. There is no other place I would rather be. I know that this is the Lord's work and I am so grateful to be a part of it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and was restored on this earth again. I know that this Gospel is a gospel of miracles. I have already seen so many. I know that Heavenly Father really is mindful of each of us and He is on our right hand and left hand and he goes before our face and sends angels to bear us up as it says in Doctrine and Covenants 84:88. I love you all!! I hope that you have a fantastic week. I hope that you will this week share the Gospel with someone. I know this Gospel will change lives. Jia you!!
All my love,
Yang Jiemei

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