Sunday, January 2, 2011

Amy - Jilong, Taiwan January 02, 2011

Qin ai de jiating,
Happy New Year!!!! Can you believe that 2010 is over?! Crazy how fast time flies. This last week has been good. Both Sister Zhang and I have been very anxious to get the move call on Friday and see if I would stay in Xinzhu and where Sister Zhang would end her mission. So friday came and we recieved the move call that night. I found out.........that I will be moving to Jilong! I also found out that my companion is Sister Howell and she is from Utah!! I was so excited to have an American companion. Sister Zhang will end her mission in Xinzhu. It was sad this morning leaving her and heading up to Jilong. She was a great companion and I have learned so much from her. My new area Ji long is in the northern part of Taiwan above Taipei. When I told the members that I was moving in our wards they all said the same thing "It has a lot of hills, it rains all the time, and it has really good food." haha reassured them that back at home it rains all the time so no problem.
On Sunday it was crazy because I attended all three ward's sacrament meetings and bore my testimony in all three. I will miss the ward members in Xinzhu. All of them have been such great examples to me and have been so willing to help me. On Sunday too it was crazy taking pictures will all the ward members and having members write in my byebye book. We also met with Lu family. We have met with the wife and one of the daughters a few times but never the whole family. On Sunday night we finally met with all of them including the Philippino maid that they have. We taught them about how the Gospel blesses families and shared the Proclamation on the Family. It was a great lesson. When we asked the husband how he felt after we shared about the temple and how we can have an eternal family he said that he felt great. When we asked if an eternal family was something that they wanted, brother and sister Lu looked at each other and said that they did. It was great!!! They are a great family. We invited them to come to church and to continue to have family prayer. We tried to set a baptismal goal but they didn't give us a forsure answer. Sister Zhang will have to re-invite them next week. They are pretty golden though! When we told them that I was moving one of their daughters, Angel, asked if I was going to come back. It broke my heart to tell her no. She is adorable. I hope that they continue to meet with Sister Zhang and Sister Pederson. We also met with Ou Yang ama, our 83 year old. We haven't met with her for a while. During our lesson on repentance and forgiveness she kept saying its too late for her. She has been saying that for a while. But she commited to start praying again. Since I am leaving I got a picture with her so you guys can finally see our cute 83 year old no teeth Ou Yang ama. We also reset a baptismal goal for February 12. She insisted that it had to be after Chinese New year which is the first week of February from the 2-7.
So more about Ji long, it is like I said the northern part of Taiwan. I have only been here for about an hour so I don't know much about it. haha It is right by the ocean. I can see the ocean from the church. There is only 1 ward here so Sundays wont' be quite as busy when it comes to ward meetings. Our apartment is at the top of a huge hill, or so Sister Howell tells me. She said that there are a lot of hills here so I will get my work out. It is raining right now but not too bad. I will tell you more about it next week when I know more about the area. Oh, there is two sets of Elders here in Ji long all of them are natives. I haven't met them yet.
It is so great to call home on Chirstmas and to hear all of your voices. Alden, I am still in shock about your mission call. When I went to the mission office today Sister Grimley talked to me about you getting your call. They just got all of your information. We are all really excited for you to come!! When do you report to the MTC again? I said May but I wasn't sure. I can't wait for you to get here and to serve here. You are going to love it!!!!! Autumn, I can't wait to hear about your first week in the MTC!!! Remeber to have mom dear elder my e-mails to you. It will save you time. Also, send me your MTC address!!!! I want to send you a letter or two while you are there!!!!!! I love you all!! I am so grateful to be serving here in Ji long, Taiwan. This Gospel is true. It is truely a Gospel of joy and miracles. I have seen so many miracles just in these first two transfers. I love you all. Have a great week!!!
All my love,
Yang Jiemei
P.S Mom, I can't think of anything that I want you to send me now. I am just going to buy warmer clothes here since it is cheaper. If you want to send me a package just send it to the mission office. The Zone leaders will pick up the mail every week when they go to zone leader meetings. If the package is too big they will send it to me here. Oh I remembered one thing. Burts bees orignial chapstick. My chapstick fell out of my bag and got ran over by a car. Just send it with whatever stuff you send. Dont' send it by itself. Thank you!!!!

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