Monday, December 20, 2010

Austin - Milwaukee - December 20, 2010

Lets get started.
So this week I was companions with Elder Sharrah. He is suppose to leave January 30 but he wants to get to BYU in time for Winter Semester so the church is letting him leave on the 30 of December. But transfers were on the 15th and the missionaries are getting here on the 22nd. So he has been with me for the week until I get my boy this Wednesday. It's been way cool having Elder Sharrah because he is by far the most knowledgeable and successful missionary in the mission. I have learned so much from him and we've had so much fun doing it. For example, while we wait for busses (which seemed to happen a lot this week) we would practice our freestyle rappin', we'd rap about all sorts of things like our investigators or the city atmosphere. We be feelin pretty thug when we do that. One time this one guy who was absolutely plaasteredly drunk came up to us while we were rapping, he was like, "Heyrhrah guiysss hoawa been dowain??" And I asked him, "Excuse, can you freestyle rap?" "Wweahyll sheyaah I cannmm." So I threw down a beat and he gave the most incorrehent rap with the most promiscuous dancing and occassional tai-kwando kicks I have ever seen in my life. It was hilarious. SO funny.
I get my boy this Wednesday. I get to spend the day with the assistants tomorrow until I my boy gets in to town and then I'll take him out to go street contacting while Elder Sharrah is in a threesome with another companionship. Then I'll come back with my boy (he won't know that I will be the one training him actually) and get to eat dinner with all the new missionaries at the mission home and even sleep over there (because I won't have a companion anyways). And then on Wednesday I'll head over to the stake center and get my training to be a trainer. Today, we are going to go by the goat as well. That's going to be hilarious.
I've been dingdong ditching this less-active family for a 12 days of Christmas thing. It's so funny, he came up to me at church and guessed it was me. I didn't know what to say so I just lied. "Nah it's not me." "Yeah Elder, I think it was you." "Yeah, it was me." "Oh, it was? Well thank you we really appreciate it." "Nah, Uzziel, it wasn't me. I was just kidding." "What? Really? Then who did it?" And today we are going to do an FHE with them and I'm going to have a member dongding ditch them while we are eating with them so that it really throws them for a loop haha.
Well, I'm off to play some ball. Peace out. I'll see ya'll.
Elder P-rappizzle.

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