Monday, December 13, 2010

Austin - Milwaukee - December 13, 2010

Family and friends,
Wisconsin is bustin' 20 knot wind gusts, seven centimeters of snow and temperatures of -10 Celsius. It's cold. But I can't complain when I'm in the Lord's vineyard, the land of miracles -- Milwaukee. And will be staying here for another 6 weeks which will bring me to 6 months in Milwaukee. Also, my companion Elder Moore is leaving because I'll be training some poor little soul next transfer. It was actually quite funny. I was woken up last Saturday by a call from President. To stay off a bad cold, Elder Moore and I slept in a little bit that day. Elder Moore looked at the phone and yelled over at me, "Elder Papritz, it's President Jones." My head shot up from the pillow and I said, "Oh shoot!" I slapped my cheeks and shook my head to wake myself up. I answered the phone in a slightly higher voice than usually just so he wouldn't know I was groggy, "Hello, this is Elder Papritz speaking." And without skipping a beat, as if it was revelation from God, "Elder Papritz, this is President Jones. What are we doing up so early?" "Dang, I thought I fooled you, President." "Well, Elder, you told me in your weekly email that you have been taking extra rest because you're sick, so it was a good guess." We had a good laugh about that. But he proceeded to tell me that I would be training. The cool part is that all the leaving missionaries are going home this week and the new ones are coming the week after that (he is doing that so that the leaving missionaries have plenty of time to get home for Christmas) so I'll have a week with the best Spanish missionary in the mission. We're going to go nuts preparing the area for me and my boy, getting tons of investigators and setting more dates. I want to have 15 baptismal dates for when my boy gets in. We'll also speak only Spanish for the week. So I'm way excited. These next few weeks are going to be way tight.
Last Friday we had a zone conference (really just an excuse for my mission president to see all of us missionaries for Christmas). We got together and talked a bit about the season and how to capitalize on this time of Christmas. Then we did a little arts and crafts for a bit, we made a little 12 days of Christmas for one of our investigators, and then after we sang Christmas carols for 40 minutes. President called me a week before to play piano for it. It was way cool. Anyone could get up and sing in a quartet, solo, duet or if no one came up then we just sang as a group in total. It was way cool, we definitely got some good singers in our zone.
I can't think of anything else big. Our baptismal dates are doing really well. Church was canceled though because of the weather so they couldn't come to church but they're still doing well.
I'm doing great. My health is better than ever. I'm lovin it.
Much love,
Elder Papritz

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