Sunday, November 14, 2010

Austin - Milwaukee - November 14, 2010

Oh what is going on everyone?

Pretty dang tight week. On Tuesday Elder Cook and I got to take the new missionaries out street contacting. I got to go with Elder Yang (get this: he is a Hmong person going to Wisconsin where there are tons of Hmong people but speaking Spanish). President told all the Hmong Elders that they are not allowed to take him on splits just to take him to Hmong people. But he was cool, he wanted to set a baptismal date while we were contacting that day - a worthy goal, I'd say. We tried our best but couldn't do it. We did, however, get a couple return appointments. He had pretty good Spanish but didn't know too much but he bore his little heart out the few words he did know. It was cool to see where I had come from, he probably spoke about as good as I did when I got out. Elder Cook took out Elder Henderson and they also got a return appointment. Overall it was a cool experience for everyone. Then on Wednesday Elder Cook left for Monroe (about 2 and a half hours away) and now I have a new companion -- Elder Moore. Haha, the funny thing is is that he was my MTC companion too. So now I've had my trainer, Elder Kelly, and then my two MTC companions haha. Elder Moore and I are tearing it up on the streets of Milwaukee.
The first two days Elder Moore was here he brought the black cat of bad luck (but really there was a black cat that crossed the street the first time we went out together). We had to drop FIVE investigators those two days haha. Talk about a rough few days. But then we added 6 new investigators and three baptismal dates! It was so cool. We are way excited. Mireya, Beto and Antonio have a baptismal date of the 11 of December. We have to pray that Beto will let his wife Mireya go to church. She really wants to get baptized but he is a little more doubting.
On a more touching note, the Ruiz family, a family that we recently reactivated, was so grateful for our service to their family that they bought us all a bunch of clothes and food! And they got it all together so fast too since two of the missionaries here were getting transferred (including Elder Cook). But we got hats, scarves, ties, all sorts of food and tons of hygiene stuff like shampoo and shaving stuff. It was sooo cool, they were so grateful to us; they invited us over just "for lunch" and then they took us in to the living room and showed us all the stuff. It was like an early Christmas!!
We already have 3 Thanksgiving dinners planned next week (and a post Thanksgiving day dinner). I'm kindda scared, I hope i make it through them all without barfing my guts out.
Much love,
Elder Papritz
ps. Oh baby, Elder Lounsbury --entering the MTC.
The pictures: I don't remember all of them I attached but they include me in front of a garage door that says, "Smile of you love Jesus." And picture of me holding a bug THAT LOOKS LIKE A LEAF that Elder Cook found in his helmet one day, it was way tight. Aaand a picture of my district for this transfer and some other pictures, I don't remember. Enjoy.

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