Monday, November 8, 2010

Amy Xinzhu, Taiwan November 8, 2010

Hello all!!!
Welp another week has gone by here in Xinzhu. Not much has really happened. We taught a totall of 18 lessons and have 5 new investigators. Yahoo!!!!! On the down side a lot of our investigators are not progessing. The one lady who is a widow with a young son hasn't met with us in weeks. We go and visit her often but she is not home. We leave notes for her and her son but we have yet to see them. Its frustrating because I know that the Gospel will bless her life especially during this tough time. We will keep visiting her and writing notes. We often write notes for investigators or members. Sister Zhang often makes me write them. In characters! At first it would take me like 15 mintues to write a few lines but now I am getting faster. I use the Book of Mormon a lot as a reference. It truely has ALL the answers even for what a chinese character is. haha The weather here has been nice. Its still has windy as ever but not too cold. It has rained a few times but nothing this Oregon girl can't handle. Austin that stinks that your weather has been crappy. I know exactly what you mean by the wind being so strong you almost get sweeped off your bike. That happens all the time here!! It makes riding our bikes fun. As far as hills my legs are getting stronger. I can actually make it us the big hill to the Mao family better than before. I am actually faster than Sister Zhang which is nice.
We had Stake Conference too this weekend. We rode our bikes to Zhubei which is 45 minutes away. Conference was great. I actually understood a lot of it. The focus was on missionary work and the importance of it. President and Sister Grimley came and both of them spoke. They talked about how even though they members are not set apart missionaries they can still be missionaries to their friends and family. It was really good. A little girl probably about 10 or so spoke which was so suprising! Her talk was so great. It was great because we got to see a few of the other missionaries in our zone. Its a great time to catch up since we dont' see eachother super often. This Wednesday we have zone conference so we will again go to Zhubei for the 4 time in the last few weeks haha.
I'm so glad that you sent me those pictures. They are adorable!!!! I love the Halloween pictures! So cute!!! And the pictures of Abby with the trash can sheild are hilarious!! I wish there was a way I could print them off but there isn't. Dad, I'm sorry about your foot! I hope that it gets better!! How did you hurt it?? Thanks for the political news too. I am SOOOOO glad that the republicans are taking back Washington and that Nancy Polisei is no longer the speaker!! I was wondering about that since its November. Oh another thing is that the ward is having a Thanksgiving party and wants the missionaries to put on a skit about the start of thanksgiving. haha the funny thing is that we put Elder Schwabe in charge but he is from Australia. I'm helping him though. haha Elder Broadhead will help but he is so confident he will be transfered he won't hlep too much. Oh well!! The other thing that is really funny is that when I show members my family picture, the big one that you sent me from the Heather Boyles pictures, everyone thinks that 1. The girls are Autumn's daughters 2. Alden looks like he is from Europe 3. That I don't really look like anybody. hahaha I have had a good laugh over that. Everyone says that I have a very beautiful family and are very suprised when I tell them that we have currently 3 missionaries out. They also think its great that all of us are members of the church. I have realized what a blessing it is.
Well family I don't know what else to write about. This week wasn't very eventful other than what I wrote. I love you all!!! I miss you all so much. I wish I could be home for Halloween and the other festivities but I know that being on a mission is the best thing I could be doing right now. Love you!!!
All my love,
Sister Papritz
Yang Jiemei

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