Monday, November 15, 2010

Amy Xinzhu, Taiwan November 15, 2010

Qin ai de jiating! Hey fam! I cant' believe another week has gone by and that this week marks the 6th and last week of the transfer. Crazy! I have offically been through my first transfer in the field. yahoo!!! This week has been great. On Wednesday we had zone conference. It was great!! President Grimley, his wife and the assistants talked about the Doctrine of Christ. Oh he also told us that this transfer as a mission we have found over 300 new investigators which is a first for our mission with as many missionaries as we have. We have currently about 120 missionaries. Anways, it was awesome to hear that the work is really progressing here and that all of the missionaries are trying so hard to help people to come unto Christ and get baptized! Anyways, President Grimley invited all of the missionaries to really study the Doctrine of Christ the rest of this transfer and the next transfer. President Grimley also told us that we need to really study Preach My Gospel. He said ,"It is the missionaries 5th standard work." Since then I have been really trying to every personal study time to study from it especially the first chapter on our purpose. Which is to invite others to come unto Chirst by helping them receive the Restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Chirst and his Atonement, repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Yahoo!! These 4 things listed are the Gospel of Christ. I am so grateful for this purpose that helps us with this work. The assistants taught us about the importance of baptism and how to invite a person to baptism in the first meeting. Austin, I dont' know if you do that but its so awesome! By doing so the investigator knows why we are there and they feel the Spirit so strongly. Our message is not just a warm and fuzzy message about Jesus like any other church but our message is that through baptism we can return to live with God again because He is our Heavenly Father and He loves us. Sister Zhang and I have started to invite people to baptism more earnestly and we have had great results. So many people accept and are willing to get baptized. It really shows that our Heavenly Father knows the hearts and thoughts of everyone more than we do. With the assistants we did a bunch of role plays about inviting people to baptism and also to attend church. We do role plays all the time here in the field. At first I didn't like them but now I am getting used to it. It really helps me get over the nerves. We also practiced recognizing people's needs and concerns and teaching to those. All and all zone conference was great! I wish I could write about every detail. It definately helped me have a new resolve to be a better missionary. As far as miracles this week we have seen a few. Right after zone conference we taught Liu yu shen. She is 10 and we have been meeting with her for a long time. I didn't think she was progressing.She doesn't really read the Book of Mormon and she has never been to church. We have tried so hard to get her to go but she always has some excuse. Well when we met with her she said that she has read some of the Book of Mormon and also wanted to set a baptism goal!! Wow! I didn't expect it. The reason is that her mom and her are moving soon to a house very close to the church so she can start coming. I was so excited for her!! She is such a sweet girl and I was so worried that soon we would have to stop teaching her because she wasn't progressing. The other miracle I saw was in English class. We have a family come every week that is so awesome. Sister Luo has two boys that are 10 and 7. I had the chance during our 5 minute break to talk to her. It started off talking about family and me showing her our family picture. She asked if I missed you vey much and I said yes but my family is very supportive of me. We talked about famly relationships and I explained how the Gospel has helped my family be very close. She told me that she worried a lot for her boys and that she often felt lonely, sad, and like there was little hope. She said, " But when you called me yesterday to tell me the topic for English class I felt something. Afterword I felt happy and hope." I explained to her about the Spirit and how it testifies that what we are hearing is true though those feelings. We talked a lot about prayer and how Heavenly Father hears and answers them. I testified that we should pray always especially when we feel sad or lonely and that Heavenly Father will help her. After we talked she said that she felt very happy and the same feelings she felt yesterday after we talked on the phone. It was AWESOME!! I am so grateful that I had the chance to talk to her and to help her. I am so grateful for the Spirit guiding me in what I should say because I know that what I told her were not my words but Heavenly Father's. Sister Zhang and I also taught two families that another missionary set up for us. Both are amazing!!! I am so excited to teach them and help them come unto Christ and to be baptized!!! Yesterday we visited O Yang ama the 93 year old lady with no teeth. When we walked in the door I could tell this would be a great lesson. We talked about the Sabbath and the Law of Tithing. After discussing tithing we asked if she was willing to follow it. She quickly said "yuanyi!" or I'm willing. She said it so quickly I was suprized. Usually she has some kind of question or reason she doesn't need it. She also comitted to come to church next Sunday. She has also been listening to the Book of Mormon on CD since she can't see good enough to read it. She really likes it. Her baptism goal is January 1. She is so awesome! This week was full of so many miracles. I know that Heavenly Father is watching over the work here in Xinzhu and putting people in our path to teach. I am so grateful dispite my shortcomings that Heavenly Father still blesses me and allows me to teach them. I know that by teaching the Doctrine of Christ and relying on the Spirit that this next week and throughout my mission I will continue to see many more miracles. Oh, the reason this e-mail is so early to day is because our district is going to a place called Neiwan today for P-day. It is suppose to be very beautiful. I am really excited to go. Thats my week in a nutshell. There is so much to tell you but I dont' have time. I know this Gospel is true. I am so grateful to be apart of this great work and share the Gospel with the people here in Taiwan. I love you all!!! All my love,Yang JiemeiSister Papritz P.S On Friday night we will find out who will get transfered. Sister Zhang thinks she will and tells me so on a daily basis. haha but I dont' think she will. We will see on Friday though. I will definately let ya'll know

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