Sunday, December 26, 2010

Amy - Xinzhu, Taiwan - December 26, 2010

Qin ai de jiating,
Well not much has happened since I talked to you on Saturday. It was really really cold on Sunday. So I am going to go buy some warmer clothes. If I have any warm clothes that I left behind you can send them to me. I think I have a sweater or two that don't have hoods. Dont' worry about buying new clothes though unless you find something really really cute. Church was good this week. We are so busy on Sunday with our three wards that we barely have time to breath. Its great though to rub shoulders with the awesome members here in Xinzhu. We had one investigator come to church recently on her own. We stopped teaching her because she wasn't keeping her commitments but since her mom and her moved closer to the church she has been coming every week. She even talked to Sister Zhang about getting baptized. She knows that she has to come to church at least 3 times before she can get baptized. She is progressing. Its great that she is doing this on her own and she has the desire. One of our other investigators talked to her husband this week about getting bapitzed and he got really angry. He told her that they are not Christians and that she cannot visit with us anymore. They are seperated so she lives alone with one of her sons. We are visiting with her tomorrow. Its sad how much family opposition prevents people from being baptized. We have had so many investigators get right up to their baptismal date and not be able to get baptized because their family fandui (protests). Sad. We still try to visit them and help them progesss.
I dont' know if I told you about our Christmas. We had two activites with the wards. Both the missionaries sang at so this last week up until Chirstmas eve and day we have been practicing our songs. It was really fun and we didnt' sound half bad. One of our ward missionary leaders Chen dixiong invited us to eat. We had a feast!!! Complete with Costco pinapple pizza, chiciken and pumpkin pie. It was great!! After we stuffed our faces Elder Broadhead and Schwabe had an investigator get baptized. It was great!! We were suppposed to have one of our investigators get baptized on Chirstmas day too but his dad opposes. That evening before I called home Sister and Zhang and I had a stake activity were we sang at the mall. The stake members performed a few numbers and then we sang Oh Holy Night and What Child is this. It went good. We also contacted people as we listened to the performace. All and all it was a great Christmas. Plus being able to call home made it all the better. I am still shocked at Alden's mission call. When I told the other Elders about it they didn't believe me at first. haha I am so excited for Alden to come here to the Taipei mission.
I don't have much else to tell you. At the end of this week we will find out who will move. I think I will move. We will see. I love you all!!! Thank you for your continued prayers for me and for the other missionaries in the world. I have felt your prayers help me.
All my love,
Yang jiemei

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