Monday, November 29, 2010

Austin - Milwaukee - November 29, 2010

Hey ho family and friends,

Dang, I love the Thanksgiving season. Especially around Latinos. A normal weekend dinner is like a Thanksgiving feast for an American so you better believe that Thanksgiving was a banquet dressed up as an excuse to cook lots of food. In fact, the only thing that resembled Thanksgiving was the turkey and the Mexicans hardly poked at it. My Thanksgiving dinner also had shrimp fettuchini alfredo, lasagna, fried rice and 10 different types of pies and cakes. I was smart enough to only plan a lunch and a dinner because I heard horror stories of missionaries over committing to 4 and five Thanksgiving dinners. I don't know how they do it (well they don't, they have to usually barf themselves in between appointments) In fact, I was already full after the first appointment but we have TONS of left overs, it's nuts. We literally have enough food to last the rest of the year just about.

It's really starting to get cold here, the wind especially just biiites at the face. On Tuesday we had our first sight of snow but it was just a sprinkle and nothing stuck. Next week it is suppose to snow and I'm already wearing everything I have! Thermals, jacket, scarf, old ear muffs that I got from another missionary (by the way, get me some new earmuffs, Mom, the cool kind that go behind the head not on top of the head like a Jolly Jane). The members make fun of us when we come to their homes because they know it's going to get so much worse and here we are already decked out in everything we got. Uuugh...we'll see.

My President gave me a call the other day and told us that we might be moving apartments too and the apartment would be a 20 minute bus ride away from where all of our baptismal dates are (instead of the 30 second walk that they are now). He told me to investigate other options and possibly rewrite the area boundaries to accommodate such a move. We'll see what I can come up with.

Tomorrow is Spanish Conference (where all of the Spanish missionaries in the mission meet up and get special training). So since it will be here in Milwaukee we were in charge of getting everything organized including the special Mexican food. Today we spent FIVE HOURS at the Ruiz Family house making tamales to have for tomorrow. We told them that we only need 100 but they ended up going overboard and making enough dough for three hundred tamales. We just kept making and making tamales it seemed to never end. But at least we will get to keep all of the left overs (which will probably be 200 tamales). We probably won't even have the fridge space for all the tamales we will have. My hands and forearms are so sore, it hurts to type.

All of our baptismal dates are so solid. It's so awesome. In fact, they love us so much that a few of them have already bought Christmas presents for us. One of them, Beto, called us (he figured out that missionaries get transferred every so often) and told us that if either of us get transferred that he will refuse to let any other missionaries in his house haha. He was half joking but he and his wife are really going to write a letter to the mission president telling him to keep us here haha. I thought that would be cool so I gave them his address to write it. It was also way cool because we got to meet the father of one of the families we are teaching (and who we have a baptismal date with) and he was way interested and loved the restoration movie we showed him. We set a baptismal date with him too and now we have 11 baptismal date. It's so cool because they are entire families that we have baptismal dates with. It for sure gives me a ton of joy to see that. The father was even talking about wanting to learn to tie a tie because he wanted to wear a white one when he was baptized (he also wants to wear white cowboy boots and hat to his baptism haha) he's way cool.

Well, I'm kind of in a hurry today because I still have tamales popping out of my ears and we're running late. Love you all, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Much love,
Elder Papritz

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