Monday, November 1, 2010

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - November 1, 2010

Hello family and friends!
My, whatever beautiful week it has been. And it makes it even better to be emailing you all at 1:29 (lucky number). Lucky indeed. This last week, Elder Cook and I went on a rampage in the city of Milwaukee. We contacted more people this week than any two other weeks combined - 78 people. This week we are planning on doubling that and contacting 156 people, and in doing so teh zone leaders will take us out to the restaurant of our chose. But surely we're aren't doing it for that but to glorify our God! But really, we are excited for this week, it's going to be sweet.
So as my Mom informs me, Wisconsin had the all time lowest pressure in the history of the world. Aaaand that would explain all the dark clouds and dreary wind. We would be riding our bikes and the wind would blow so hard that it would almost sweep our bikes out from under us. And it was realllly eery because every else must have known something was coming because we especially noted that Milwaukee was like a "zombie town" we called it (or ghost town in other words.) We would go out and not a single person or car or moving thing would be in sight. And we'd go down streets and the wind would just blasting, swinging door covers open and closed, kicking up leaves and trash. We'd frequently maybe see a large black man down the street like two blocks just standing there and we'd freak out and pretend like he was a zombie and we were in some kind of I AM LEGEND scenario. We definitely got our kicks from it and helped us keep working.
This week we did a deep clean of our apartment. It was so nice because the last three weeks we have a had cockroaches in our stove/oven and they'd climb up to the clock panel and sit right on the numbers so we couldn't see what time it was. It was so obnoxious, we'd have to get up and then push the little plastic cover to squeeze them until they ran away. So I unplugged the stove and moved it to the middle of the kitchen tiles, armed for war with bleach, a wooden spoon and a roll of paper towels. I had to undscrew a bunch of panels and stuff to get in to it and I had to shake the battery pack with the software chip and clock-dial and by ones and twos they'd fall out on the ground and then I'd prounce on them and kill them. I killed a family of cockroaches that day. 10 in all. We can now see the time on our stove at any time without problem. But really, it was a massacre. I was going buck wild on that family of cockroaches, not even the children were spared.
So I had a cool interview with our Mission President last week. It was a way good boost. I asked him about the new missionaries coming in and asked if we could take out the couple of Spanish missionaries street contacting for their first day and he said we will be able to. So I'm way excited for that. They come in a week and two days. We going to probably take them down Cesar Chavez street (about as Mexican as you can get) and just go wild contacting people. It's going to be tight. It's so weird that I'll be the one doing that when I was just the one doing it a few months ago. I'll be in Milwaukee for sure another few months because of medical stuff so my address won't be changing any time soon.
Elder Papritz
1314 w. Lincoln avn
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Love you all, thanks for the support and keeping me up on your lives. I miss you all a ton. I wouldn't trade the things I've learned on my mission for anything. I love it.
Much love,
Elder Papritz

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  1. Hello,

    I just got home from work a couple hours ago and did talk to Elder Cook about you comming for a visit and perhaps giving me a lesson, so as always you know our family I wanted to at least feed you some breakfast, so that's why I couldn't take you in tommorow, ( I need to go grocery shopping :C) but I can take you anytime next week early though I work second shift now; witch is no fun :C
    OMG but I totally found this great website you or your family made! I love it! Great stories by the way! Oh those darn roches!.....LOL!
    Well have fun! Bless you all and good night.

    Angie Ruiz
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