Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn's Covert MTC operation

Since I am leaving on a mission and won't see my sister for 2 WHOLE YEARS!! (since she left 6 months before me) I decided that instead of mailing or dearelder-ing her my call, wouldn't it be WAY more awesome if I just read it to her LIVE?! ... so I decided that I would surprise her and kind of stalk her out, it's not breaking the rules if she didn't know I was coming right? and it was totally mission related, obviously, MY mission related. So I parked in a spot that I knew I would see her little curls bouncing by on her P-day up to the temple... after 3 hours of waiting I saw that perky little sister of mine just beaming as she skipped-hopped- and practically summersaulted her way to the temple (she always was cheerful, but the MTC like tripled that in her). I jumped out of my car and yelled her name, she was obviously shocked, and we had a movie like reunion full of screaming-running-arms wide open embracing-magic. I read her my call and, as predicted, she was SHOCKED!...just like all of us have been. Budapest?! who goes to Budapest?!!!

So I decided I needed to somehow document the moment and decided to take a video of her awesome new Chinese Skills (sounds pretty legit to me). She says that she is baring her testimony and talking about how exciting it was to hear my mission call. (For all I know she could have been saying the ABCs)

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