Monday, October 4, 2010

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - September 27, 2010

Hermosa Familia,

My oh my, what a spectacular week it was, made as such by the receival of Autumn's mission call. I got it all on film (my reaction that is from reading it and even more), probably more than I needed to record but oh well. Pretty much all you need to know is that the videos didn't play on my camera and so we went on a gooose chase to find a camera that would play the videos. I figured I was going to follow along on the video and read your mission call as you were reading it but then realized that would be too tricky to do and so I after waiting half a day after having the call in my hands I finally got to open it.

And holy chupacabra it craazy, I was freaking out when I saw Hungary Budapest. And then I was really freaking out when I read that your "primary responsiblity" was to be a Mission Nurse Specialist like wth is that?? That's sounds so cool. I want a mission nurse specialist in our mission!! I hope you get a sexy Mission Doctor Specialist companion too and you two can take Hungaries slums and fancy touristy castle sites by storm. Also, I can't figure out if you are going to be a nurse of the people or of the missionaries. As in, Hungary doesn't have good health care, so you are going to be kind of like an "office missionary" and kind of be a first healthcare for them . Which reminds me, both Elder Campbell and Elder Cook are calling that you are going to meet your future husband on your mission. I don't know. But keep your eye out for any potentially mortally wounded, tall and handsome missionaries that you may or may not need to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on.

Also, about Hungarian. Yes, Finnish is widely agreed to be the hardest language to learn in the world. I'm not sure why either but from what I heard from a guy from my zone in the MTC that was from the Netherlands (and could speak Finnish too along with Dutch, obviously, and spoke English dang good too) and he said that Finnish is just a dirty language. Hard to pronounce, hard grammatical rules and mostly just reallly, really hard to pronounce. All the vowells are way back in the throat and sound weird, it sure sounded like dirty garbage when he spoke it. Sooooooo, yeeeah, you might have a pretty fun time learning Hungarian which sounds like (from what you told me) is related to Finnish. Oh, and I have to tell you that after I opened it I got Hungarian mixed up with Romanian (which, oddly enough, the countries are neighbors) but I was saying on the video how you will be able to understand me because Romanian is the oldest root Latin-based language and I fluent speaker can understand most all of the other latin-based languages. In fact, in the MTC we talked to some missionaries going to Romania and we could pretty much understand each other. Buuuuut that's not you. We probably will have a very hard time, in fact, understanding each other. But at least Spanish will be a peice of cake for you to learn when you get back after tackling something like Hungarian! Uuugh, but you are soooo close to Romania, I wonder how much of an influence it has on Hungarian, also from what I looked up there are a lot of Hungarian speakers in Romania. Maybe we could tour over there and I could speak Spanish to the Romanians and you could cover the 2 million Hungarian speakers there. Tight. Also, I better be home from my mission before you, I for sure want to visit Hungary to see you there. That would be sooo tiiight.

So we have transfers today, the only news I have is that Elder Hulet is out of here and we are most likely going to get an Elder Hirschi who is one transfer older than me and is mighty fine good at Spanish (he took five years before coming out) aaand was the only other person trained by my trainer, Elder Kelly. So that'll be tight, we can share old stories about our Pops. But Elder Cook and I are gearing up for another 6 weeks together. We going to do some good transfer goals and try to get some work done. We'll see how it goes.

I'm glad ya'll enjoyed the package I sent. I personally think that chile candy is nasty. But I tried to buy the best, easily to stand kind. I'm off the pain meds for my back, and I still have plenty left in case I have another accident so that's really nice. Also, I think the Crohn's medicine is workiiiing!! I haven't had almost any pain and I'm feeling really good. So that's kind of a relief. We'll see how it keeps helping me.

Well, I go to go. Love ya all.

Elder Papritz

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