Monday, October 4, 2010

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - September 20, 2010

Hey family,

So on Tuesday we had district meeting like every week. And like every week we go eat out as a district after the meeting. Elder Cook and I had our bikes so we dropped by our apartment first to drop off some stuff before going to the restaurant. After dropping off our stuff and heading to the restaurant while we saw the rest of the six Elders on the sidewalk. I rode up behind them at an angle but when I tried jumping on to the curb I didn't make it all the way and my tire slid out from under me sideways and I was thrown off my bike. I was so embarrassed that I started to wail in pain, grabbing my heart, to pretend like I had just been playing along the whole time. Even more embarrassing, there were two real people behind them that watched the whole thing. Everyone was just kind of thinking, "What are you doing Elder Papritz?" And all I could say was just, "Yeah you're right, I should probably stop practicing my falls, I'm getting to good at them." Well the real funny part is that I really was hurt. When I stood up my back hurt so bad, like someone was digging a knife in to my muscle. The next day, after I only got 4 hours of sleep from the pain, I went to a clinic and I strained a muscle. He prescribed a pain killer and a muscle relaxant and man-oh-man that stuff works. Now I'm as high as a kite day and night, the pain killer makes me all lightheaded and makes my body tingle, and the muscle relaxant, which I only take at night, just knocks me out. Oh and I just used our insurance for it all. The church insurance is really crummy, and it uses tithes/offerings to pay for it so I figured you would just want to pay for it.

But anyways, at church we had Sister Zavala attend! She had been less active for a while and her family is a focus family for us. She has a lot of children that are less-active and a lot of nonmember in-laws. It was so cool to see her at church. Also, I absolutely got rocked by member meals this week. On two different occasions we had a lunch and dinner appointment and one of those was a breakfast/lunch/dinner combo. I literally have never eaten so Holy cow, and you feel so bad for not eating, so I just stuffed myself past the point that any human being should have to eat. One day I ate 3 big pancakes, 6 french toast, 6 sausages, 2 breakfast rolls, 3 eggs, bacon, hashbrown and two cups of orange juice, and then one hour and half later we had another lunch appointment with a Dominican guy who made us Sancocho which is like a stew with pork and this potatoe-like plant. I had two bowls of that and then that night I had three homemade tacos and a couple glasses of grape soda...oh my gosh I wanted to die. It was so much food that by the next day we had a dinner appointment and I still wasn't hungry. I literally cannot describe the feeling of it. And then to top it off you have to leave the appointment on a bike.

Anyways, the transfer is almost over. Crazy! Time just flies, Elder Cook and I are hoping to stay together but we won't know until this Saturday. Elder Cook feels like he could be going but there really is no way to be sure. I still excited for Autumn's mission call, I'm hoping it will come this week. It'll be Chile, just you wait.

Zone conference next transfer is going to feature one of the brethren from the quorum of the seventy so I'm excited to hear from him. Other than that I'm doing fine. Except, I'd like the cord to my camera that allows me to plug it in to the computer, that way I could send you pictures over email, my best guess is that it is in my room. I'll be sending a package this week, included are the pants from my fall, you'll need to mail those to Missionary Mall and have them send me a new pair of pants. Thanks a ton for the package. Elder Cook and I laughed at the yo-yo's. He had never had a yo-yo! What a deprived child, for companionship study I taught him how to make a yo-yo sleep and walk the dog. He's learning. The oreos are always so good, I pound through those in two days easy. Also, I'm now easily above two hundred pounds consistently, although it might just be the weight from the actual food in my body, I have yet to go a day this week without a large, prepared dinner so we'll see after a few days if it's just food weight or if I've gained fat. And please send a picture of you and Dad at the temple. I have a question: Of the people on the family tree I have, how many of them do you think you could find pictures for? My idea is to have a piece of paper with my family tree and pictures of all the people on it. I think that'd be cool.

How is Sarah's Mom doing? Is she doing well? I think about that family all the time because it's kind of getting towards fall/winter and some of the families we visit are already talking about their family's posada fiesta.

I hope you all are doing well. Love ya,

Elder Papritz

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