Monday, October 4, 2010

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - October 4, 2010

What up peeps?
Oh man, it's been a sweetite week. And I'm not even sure why. Because of the transfers we got little missionary work done except for a few lessons taught and five new investigators. God is so graceful...what the heck. Elder Cook and I have been reorganizing ourselves for the new transfer, I never did get fully unpacked from when I got to the apartment. We are trying to slow things down, think things through and do it right. We're praying harder, planning better and being more obedient and we're hopeful for a good transfer. Him and I both were so stinking glad to have conference. The phrase, "We have a prophet, we have a prophet!" Kept running through my head. It's that tight though? I had my infusion this week. It went waaay better than last time. The room wasn't 20 degrees below zero and this time I had my companion to keep me company. I do have to say, after taking the new pills for a month...I'm feeling a lot better. I called my doctor and he was really pleased to hear that, I got a refill and will be seeing him next week to see what else he may want to do. It's gettin' COLD HERE! Holy cow, it's still like 50 degrees but the wind chill is just frigid. I do not want to know what 8 degrees feels like...ooh maan. I'm going to need a little bit of money (probably just like 50-80 bucks) to buy gloves and a other winter gear like socks, gloves, hat, ear mittens and stuff like's going to be colder than I expected, dang :((((((( I'm going to try as hard as I can to not stress out about it but for reals I'm freaking out.
My favorite talks this conference was President Uchtdorf's talk on pride, that was waay tight and how he totally put himself up there with the conference gods like President Benson's talk on pride. I also really liked Elder Scott and Elder Oak's talks, there were really conceptual and I really liked that. I made some really nice connections during them and have a few ideas on how I want to use those ideas in my mission.
The only funny story I have is that because it was transfers we did the HABENERO CHALLENGE. All the Eldesr that left had to eat a habenero and it was so funny. Also, all the Spanish elders ate them because we tight and cultural like that. Elder Hulet's face swole up so much it was so funny. Elder cook had burning gas for two days.
I got to go though. NOt much time. Love you all.
Elder Papritz.

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