Monday, October 18, 2010

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - October 18, 2010

Bienvenidos clase!
Oh, some sick stuff is going down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We got Elder Robbins of the Quorum of the Seventy comin' down this Thursday and he's going to meet with all the missionaries. Elder Cook and I have a baptismal, our first one, this Saturday. We're pulling in better success lately then ever before and looking good doing it. It really started with a siick zone wide fast and pray roll last Thursday. It was so cool, we all had a list of investigators from other companionships and we all fasted and prayed, by name, for each person. I can't explain the gravity of that experience. Things have been going so smooth since then. Like literally, the next day there wasn't a word of Spanish, just about, that I didn't understand and we talked to more people that day than usually, it was a miracle. My spoken Spanish is getting miiighty close to fluency (whatever the definition of fluency is). I think another solid month and I'll be there.
So we visited our goat killing investigator and they had done another animal slaughtering. This time it was pig. So he invited us to come over the next day and they had a big pot full of different pig parts boiling. One of his friends make a rediculously good salsa and we just slapped a peice of pig tongue or something like that on a corn tortilla and smear some salsa and drink it down with a nice Coke. I'll tell you think, pig ankle is really rubbering and somehow mantained the smell of the big (musky and dirty), don't eat that part haha.
My health has been better than ever. Haven't been having stomaches and I've been able to do morning workouts now so that's helping me a lot. I juggle a soccer ball in the morning, just watch I'll come back and be a pro for sure.
Probably the coolest story from the week was when we went to a city on the outskirts of our area. We were very unfamiliar with it so we called a member that lived there and told him to set us all the appointments up for that day (we called him two days before). The day before he gave us our schedule including his sister who, he said, wasn't too excited to meet with us. We went the whole day without much success. Some people weren't home, one lady was home alone so we had to wait forever for a male to come to accompany us in. After an entire hard day of work we had one more appointment, with his sister. We walked in and I could tell she was kind of nervous to have us in but she was a really cool lady. She had just gotten back from bringing her son home from Cross Country practice. We started just talking about her son, we didn't even mention anything church related. I think that kind of surprised her and really let her loosen up. She then out of nowhere mentioned that her son had been suffering an ankle injury and that she wished we would give him a blessing. The kid himself wasn't too sure he wanted one but Elder Cook and I both testified of it from our experiences. He took a good thought about it and decided to do it. After the blessing we just sat down and sort of looked at each other, the Mom was crying and the son and her (who had kind of been poking at each other the whole night) embraced. I then bore my testimony again and told her that I knew that she was glad that we had come. She just began to cry more, she admitted that she originally didn't want us but was very glad we came and helped her son. She allowed us to come back again. It was very cool. It reminded me of my Mom, seeing the love that she had for her son. Pretty tight, huh?
One more quick one: I talk to this guy on the bus named Tarrence P. White, he was pretty cool. He knew who we were (missionaries) and I got his phone number, set up an appointment and handed him off to the English Elders. Well, they showed up and Tarrence (who lives with his Mom) made them take off their shoes at the door. He then examined their feet during the lesson, critiquing their arches and toe size. He offered to massage them (which Elder Privett awkwardly obliged to). I got a phone call afterwords telling me about what happened telling me, "What kind of a guy did you find for us???" They set up another appointment but then at church they talked to the branch president and apparently he had been taught by missionaries before and had actually gone to church one time where he was in a primary class (not sure what he was doing there) but he had the kids take off their shoes and that was all. Haha, so we're not allowed to visit him any more. But if any investigators get dropped from weird things like we called it getting TPDubbed in honor of Tarrence P. White. But we love him like our brother and we hope he doesn't weird people out by his foot feddish any more.
With Love,
Elder Papritz
ps. Elder Adam Harris, I had a vision with you in it. I was talking to you on the phone (you called me from Germany, it was very expensive by the way) But you were telling me how you needed inspiration or something and I went off on how you needed to pray more. More fervantly. More faithfully. Every day. EVERY MOMENT. And then I bore my testimony of prayer and how it's given us success here in Wisconsin. Seemed like a conversation we would have haha. Soooo, pray more, all day and you'll see good stuff. So that was the vision (or might have just been a dream, not sure. ;)

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