Monday, October 4, 2010

Amy - MTC - September 20, 2010

Zao an!!!

Suprise!! I am writing this e-mail a little earlier than usual. ok a lot earlier. We realized today that we have a lot of time before we go to the temple at 9:30 so we are going to write our e-mails now so you get a great treat when you wake up this morning. This week was really good. Nothing really in particular happened. Its getting down to the wire though. 2 more weeks!! Its so crazy that we started our 10th week today. We should hopefully be getting our travel plans this week or next week. CRAZY!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get to Taiwan and hit the ground running. Our teacher He laoshi told us that the first month in Taiwan our heads will explode. haha He said its because we are trying to listen so hard and say what we learned. That will be fun. Our TRC appointment went really well. We taught a women who was from Taichung, Taiwan. She has been a member for a few months I think. We taught her as if she was a recent convert and we were re-teaching her the second lesson on the Plan of Salvation. It was kind of hard to understand her because of her thick Taiwan accent but the lesson still went really good. Heaven up me when I get to Taiwan and try to understand that accent!! Anywhoo, we discussed the Atonement more indepth since she has a few questions. We didn't know how to answer it and Sister Bready was looking in the scriptures and suddenly turned to Alma 7:11-13. It answered all of her questions!! I love how the Spirit works!! It was the best lesson we have had in regards to making it more of a disscussion rather than us just teacher her.

ummm what else can I tell you about this week. Its starting to get cold here but only in the mornings. Then it is really hot. haha silly Utah weather! The mountains are starting to change colors and it is beautiful. I love it. It reminds me of the fall in Oregon and I miss it. I LOVED the pictures that you sent me and the package. I look at those pictures often and I wish I could be there but I know I am needed here. The sweater is so great thanks!! It is just the right size and length. I lot of people have complemented me on it. Oh i rememberd something. So He laoshi was telling us about the importance of member referrals. He said that about 60- 70 percent of the baptisms that he had on his mission were from member referrals. He said because they had someone to take the lessons with that they knew and were friends with and that once they are baptized and the missionaries leave they have a support system in the ward. He told this great story how he in one area baptized 4 people at once and all from member referrals and the investigator bringing a friend. So I invite all of you to give referrals to the missionaries and to talk to your friends more about the Gospel. There are so many people how need it. He also advised us to be the best missionaries that we can be the kind that I would want a good friend to have teach me.

I am so grateful to be on a mission. I love it here!! I can't wait to get to Taiwan. I dont' know what else to tell you that happend this week. Sorry this e-mail is a little short. This week wasn't as eventful. Please keep me posted on Autumns call. As soon as you find out LET ME KNOW!! I was dying this week when I didnt' find out until FRIDAY!

I love you all!!

All my love,

Yang Jiemei

Sister Amy Papritz

P.S Mom I forgot to tell you before I left but can you go to OSU Federal and tell them that I will be out of the country in Taiwan. I tried to take care of that before I left but they wouldn't let me because it was too far in advanced. silly bank Xiexie!! Oh also if you could send a copy of my mission call that would be great too. I think it is up in my room on the window seat. Love you all!!!

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