Thursday, September 9, 2010

Austin - Milwaukee Wisconsin - September 7, 2010

Hello my beloved family,

My what a fine week that has been. I must report that we have had no violent encounters with people under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance, but! we did contact a half dozen drunk guys (it's hard to avoid them since it was a holiday weekend) and it's actually not a bad strategy. We talk to them while their drunk and laugh with them and get all of their life problems from them and then we make an appointment with them later for when they are not drunk. Then when we meet with them they only have good, fun impressions with us and we know how to help them haha. It's perfect. But really, have this one investigator, Enrique, who is an awesome guy. He took the Book of Mormon and read it the night we gave it to him. He's a pretty shy guy though so he didn't go to church and he was embarrassed that he didn't have any church clothes so he's planning on buying pants and a white shirt, and I told him I'd let him use one of my ties. He's a cool guy.

Also, this was our first real week to work together, Elder Cook and I, since the first week I was just getting oriented to the area and then the second week we were in a threesome with one of the other Elders beacuse of the trainer's program that lasted 4 days. It's been awesome, we've met tons of cool people and we've added 6 people to our investigator pool, in one week! Not bad huh?

Also, I kind of explained earlier that I don't speak like a Mexican, there are actually a lot of different Spanish accents, but since my teacher in the MTC spoke like a Dominican and I was really paying attention to how he spoke to help learn the language, I speak like a Dominican more or less. And since then I've just tried to run with it. And it's really cool because there are a few Dominicans in the ward here but they are all inactive and all for pretty much the same reason ...because they didn't feel welcome in the ward (which is largely Mexican). But they were so flattered that I spoke like them and I was asking them about Dominican specific words and we just chatted it up, Elder Cook had such a hard time understanding them but I was right at home, (think of the difference between the way white people and black people speak in English, more or less.) So we helped reactive all the Dominicans (at least that we are aware of) in the branch. That was way cool this week and they love me haha, they've all offered to feed Elder Cook and I some delicious Dominican food any time we want haha.

Mommy, I have wonderful news! I changed a car oil for the first time in my life! Our branch mission leader is huge in to cars and so we spend a couple hours helping him out every couple weeks. He is such a cool guy. But I got some pictures of my with a dirty white t-shirt that I found in our apartment. But it's totally easy and now I never have to waste money taking a car to the shop to get an oil change. You'd be so proud of me mommy haha.

It's definitely getting a lot colder here, and a heck of a lot windy. There was a spectacular lightning storm Monday morning, the lightning was just huge and bright. I got a video of it. 

There really isn't that much of an update on my health. I've only been taking the pills for 4 days so I feel like I've seen a little better difference but it's hard to tell because I also haven't done anything very physically straining. I haven't gained any "side-effect" weight from it yet but I think I might be seeing a little more roundness in my face, not sure, I might also just be imagining things from my childhood. I'll update you next week for sure.

I'm way excited for Autumn's mission call and thanks for those pictures, Abby honestly looks older to me, even after not seeing her for only 4 months. Weird.

Love you a bunch,
Elder Papritz

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  1. Austin ought to be careful about what he announces. Next thing he knows, he'll be changing everyones oil! Sounds like he is having some amazing, some scary, experiences. The boy will make just about everything an awesome experience! I have so much love for these crazy kids!