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Austin - Milwaukee Wisconsin - Aug 30, 2010

Hey Moommmy,

That package was...the bombbb!! Thank you so much. It was hilarious because there were a bunch of Elders over at our apartment because there was a leadership conference here in Milwaukee and when I opened it up they immediately took the head massager and started massaging each other and saying stuff like, "Just pretend like I'm your girlfriend back at home." And they'd close their eyes and pretend hahaha it was funnny. The curry was an awesome idea too because we have a ton of rice here and it is the perfect thing to spice up the rice. Thanks a ton.

I sent off a package with a memory card, letter and one of my schedules. Did you get it? I'm not sure if I put enough stamps on it and I stupidly put the return address as the mission office so if it has come back to me then I won't found out for a while.

Yes, Elder Cook and I can teach whole lessons. We can speak fine, the only thing is that we have a hard time understanding and so ideally if we asked someone a question we would want to continue the lesson using the wording of their answer but it's hard to get the details of what people talk about but for the most part we can get what people are saying.
So Milwaukee is still super great. So the story with the two high black guys:
We had just finished playing volleyball with the ward youth and we were riding the bus back home and we were waiting for our next bus and it was late on a Saturday night in south Milwaukee and I hear this guy behind say, "129, we got number 129 right here." (And I knew he was talking to me because I had a shirt on has that number on the back. And then when he passed by us he turned to us and sorry, "I'm sorry fellas but I'm as hiiiiigh as kiite right now."  And so we started talking to him, he was soooo funny. He was also walking with a friend who was dressed like a thug and had a joint in his hand smoking it and talking to a very drunk lady that we had also had fun with at the buss stop. But the funny guy was just in jeans and a flannel shirt and he was telling us how we were the future of the world because we were students at Marquette. And we were just talking and I told him to analyze his friends techniques (because he was clearly trying to pick up this drunk chick) and the guy was like, "That right there......that's.. Neanderthal technique. Man wants girl....but girl don't want man." Oh man we were all crrraaacing up. And then his thug friend came over and started cussing us out and being really vulgar and he thought we were trying to beat up his friend. And he started speaking in fake Arabic and started fronting Elder Cook and Elder Cook started getting really tense, I thought he was going to swing a fist at the guy but thank heavens he didn't.  And while he was cussing us out the funny guy was giving us hand signals like helping us to know what to say to calm his friend down. And while he was back there he held up four fingers and mouthed the words "four roaches" which means he had smoked four joints that night hahaha. Oh man, it was a cultural rich experience.

We are only on bikes and bus. It's scary around here too, the bike lane is only 3 feet wide and right next to the lane of traffic and the parked cars lining the street. I can't help to think that if someone were to open their car door while I'm passing by at 20 miles an hour, I'd lose my legs. We just kind of trust God it won't happen and try to space ourselves as much as possible. I don't have a clue what I'm going to do for the's going to be miserable being on that bike in the winter. It's going to be so cold. The branch is soo much bigger than in Madison. Madison has like 50 members total with only 15-20 active. The Milwaukee branch is 50 active with 400 total. That's why we are so focused on less active work here. If we could get all the inactives to church we go seriously have 3 wards.

Oh, your little stressful situation made me think about how stressed you'd be when my branch president told us the speaker for the day wasn't going to be there because he was sick and so he needed one of us to speak. None of them felt really comfortable speaking impromptu so it fell on me. It went pretty well, the only thing is that I've been practicing my Dominican accent (my teacher in the MTC spoke like a Dominican because there was a lot of those in New York) and so I don't actually speak like a Mexican, there's a couple things the Dominicans do differently including not pronouncing the letter S in a lot of words and some of the funnier members came up to me afterwards and were making fun of me but it was cool.

So Elder Campbell developed this awesome plan that we've been following here in Milwaukee. It is an inspired plan to reactive less actives and it's been going great. We've spent tons of time planning it out and so our numbers have been pretty bad because we have had to take time to plan with them and make different object lessons and stuff but finally we are starting to see some results. At church today the President gave us the third hour to talk to the adults and youth, Elder Cook and I took the youth while Elder Campbell and Hullet took the adults. By the end of the meeting the had a handful of papers with referalls on them, eighteen in total. It was incredible. I'll try to explain the plan more later but it's tight. Other than that, we have a terrific investigator that we picked up last week and she is awesome. Her name is Calendaria and she has an awesome little girl that we all call Sonrisa, which means smile, because she is literally ALWAYS smiling, she's only 2 years old. Theyre great and we're going to commit them and her husband to baptism this week.

I love you a bunch. I'm so glad to be on a mission if for no other reason than I appreciate my family more than ever. God must think families are pretty important, he's got some cool stuff for them. And I get to teach that every day! Cool.

Love ya,
Elder Papritz

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