Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amy - MTC - Aug 30, 2010

Da jia hao wo de jiating!!!
    This week was crazy but AWESOME!!!  Last Saturday was the last time I taught in English so this last week we have been preparing like crazy for our lesson. I had to really up my game and learn twice as many words as last week. It was really hard but the Lord really helped me. For our TRC appointment we had to talk about and order food and then share a scripture and apply it to our mudaoyou. All in Chinese! Then we gave our lesson in Chinese. Craazy!! It was really fun though I learned a lot. Sister Bready and I both worked so hard. There is still a lot of room for imporvement but thats ok. Thats why I have 6 more weeks here. But I love it here. Teaching our first lesson in Chinese really made me realize how much I have come and how much I know.
    So this week for our Devotional it was PHENOMINAL! Since I have been here in the MTC the gym has been closed where they usually hold devotionals adn firesides because they are replacing the seats in there but this week they opened them. We also haven't had a General Authority come so we all knew we were way over due for one. So this week everyone was buzzing about who would come and speak on Tuesday. So after dinner my tongban and I rushed to get seats in the gym and saved some for our district. No one was sitting on the stand. But while we were singing the prelude music the speaker walked in. It was ........ ELDER HOLLAND!! It was amazing!! I love Elder Holland! His talks are so powerful and full of the Spirit. I wish dad that you could have been here to hear him speak. We were sitting in clear view of the pulpit. Everyone was so excited. He spoke on the importance of missionary work. He said "Without missionaries the General Authorities wouldn't knwo what to do. They love us and honor us." He also said so powerfully, "Not a day goes by that I dont' think about my mission more than 50 years ago. DON'T LET A SINGLE MOMENT PASS! DONT' WASTE A SECOND!! NO REGRETS! I meet so too often with missionaries who wished they could go back again and do their missions over. DON'T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY FROM THE LORD!"
It was so powerful! Elder Holland talked about how missions are so important and vital to the gosepl that the church arms us with everything that they can to help us spread the gospel and have the Spirit to be with us including having missionaries go through the temple and make covenants. The world needs us. I am so grateful that I can be on a mission and share the message of the Restoration and the Atonement with the people of Taiwan. Elder Holland also said "that we are at war. We have been since before we came to earth. Luckily we are the good guys. We chose to be on the right team. As missionaries we are like the Red Cross. Instead of shooting guns we bring the bandages." I loved that part. So many people in the world have wounds weither physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental wounds that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal. There is nothing that the Savior hasn't felt or experienced that he can't help us with. Its amazing!! This whole talk was amazing. I could go on for hours about this talk. Unfortunately I only have 15 more minutes. I'll have to write about it later. I wish you all could have been here to hear it especially you dad because I know how much you love Elder Holland.
          The rest of this week has been great. After we taught on Saturday we started studying again for next week. It never ends! haha I love it though. Also, I practiced with Sister Riggs and Elder Kim because She and I sang in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! We sang the song The Olive Tree. Elder kim played the piano. Its the same song I think Autumn, Katelyn, and Melissa sang at Katelyn's homecoming. It was fun! I am so grateful to share that talent with the people of our branch. Thanks mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to take voice lessons and sing. Our branch is really small now. We only have about 30 of us since the older missionaries left but we get 30 new missionaries on Wednesday including 4 sisters!! We are all so excited for them to come. It will be great to have new missionaries and to help them just as the older missionaries helped us.
      Oh before I forget THANK YOU for the packages this week. I am so glad that you sent me my coat and all of those goodies. I have been eating them all week and loving it. Also thanks mom for the popcorn and for the magnolia flower. It was such a nice suprise to see the flower. I wish I could be there to see them for myself on the tree.
      Well family time is short.. to coin mom's phrase at the end of every letter. haha I love you all so much. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support. I really appreciate them. I can feel you love for me and your help especially this last week. I know that this Gospel is true. I know that Jesus is the Chirst. I know that this Gospel was restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I am so grateful that the fullness of truth was restored and that I have the opportunity to share that with the people of Taiwan. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it does testify of Christ. Wo zhidao Shen shi women de Tianfu. Ta renshi women he feichang ai women. ( I know that God is our Heavenly Father. He knows us and really loves us)  I love you all so much! Share the Gospel with those around you! There are so many people search for the truth and need the Atonement in their lives! Help them have the joy and happiness you have through the Gospel! Love you!!!

All my love,
Yang Jiemei
Sister Amy Papritz

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