Monday, September 13, 2010

Amy - MTC - September 13, 2010

Da jia hao!!!
      This week has been crazy but so good!!! First SYLing went good. Our teacher really challenged us to speak Chinese all the time. A lot of Elders and Sisters do English fasts were they choose one day where they do not speak English. He said that it would be better for us to speak Chinese all the time instead. So its been great but hard. Our lesson on Saturday went really well. We taught a girl named Brittany who we had taught a few times before and a sister who had joined the church a few years ago from China. It was really good. There was one point in the lesson where I could understand what they were talking about but I didnt' know how to communicate my thoughts. haha oh well. At least I understood right? Our lesson this week was tricky. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. The sinario was that her husband just died and she took up drinking to ease the pain. So not only did we have to teach those two things but also to her needs. It was crazy but so much fun to teach. The Spirit was really strong. I love teaching at the TRC. I can't wait Autumn for you to experience it for yourself.
     This Sunday was Awesome!!!! Sister Eliane Dalton of the Young Women's General Presidency spoke. It was great. She is such an amazing women. The whole time during her talk I thought of our Young Women in Turner ward and how I wish they could have been here to hear her powerful words. So mom, I hope you will read this part to your Young Women, She taught that each of us as young women are such a powerful force for good. She said, "The power of one young women who knows who she is  and will literally stand as a witness of God at all times, all things and all places, who is lead by the Spirit WILL change the world." I know that at times it is easy to forget our Divine worth and potential but I know that every young women has the power to change the world. I know that each of us has a Divine Worth and that our Heavenly Father loves us and knows us personally. She also said that the steps we take now will prepare us for the rest of our lives. They are our foundational steps. She also said that " You might feel that you are not up for the job, YOU ARE!! Go forward with faith in Christ." I know that our Heavenly Father will help us stand for what is right and will help us and sustain us. All we need to do is have faith in Him and keep His commandments. She also gave 3 things that we should do 100% all the time. Those 3 things are 1. Pray every morning and night 100% 2. Read the Book of Mormon daily (even for 10 mintues) 100% 3. Smile! This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is joyful!! I loved her whole talk. It was so powerful. At one point she was talking about the Young Women's theme and it has helped us as Sister missionaries develop our testiomonies. She started to say it and then we as Sister missionaries all stood up and finished it. It was so powerful! over 100 sisters all standing and saying the theme. The last thing she said was to have confidence in the Lord. She read a scripture in Moses 6: 31-34 which has become my favorite. She said that having confidence is having faith in God. Sister Dalton shared that the word "con" means with and "fedes" means faith. Her whole talk was great! I wish you all could have been here. I hope that this will help your Young Women. It was really helpful to me and made me want to be a better missionary and sister.
     Lets see..... Classes are going well. Chinese is coming slowly but surely. There are a few of the newer missionaries that were moved up in the class because they already know a lot of Chinese.  A few leave in a few weeks! Crazy!! I leave in  3!!!! AHHHH!! I can't believe it!!! I love it here but I am so excited to go to Taiwan. Mom, dont' worry about the skirts I will just wait and get some in Taiwan. I don't want you to have to stress over it. Please send me Alden's address so that I can write him. Or he can just dear elder me it. Also, I haven't been getting Austin's e-mails. Is he still alive?!?! haha tell him that he is a stinker and need to write me. Speaking of stinkers, dad, Thanks for the tease about telling me about Mockingjay. Also, thanks for the Gettesburg quote a few letters ago. It made me laugh a lot. Please keep sending me stories of Abby's adventures and about Alaina in school. I LOVE hearing them. If you could send pictures too that would be great!! Their stories brighten my day. Well I dont' know what else to write about. I wrote a list of things to tell you and I think I said them all. I love you all so much. As much as a love you I even more love this Gospel. I am so grateful that I get to share it with the people of Taiwan. Wo ai ni!!

All my love,
Yang Jiemei
Sister Papritz

Austin - Milwaukee Wisconsin - September 13, 2010

Oh, how is it going family??
I'm doing just chipper today. Cool story: We were doing our laundry today and we put our stuff in the washer and then went back to the apartment to study and then we went back to switch them to the dryers. Before I could put a quarter in to the dyer the power went out. Elder Cook hadn't put any money in either but I felt bad for the lady that had 3 loads full that were still wet. So I noticed a phone number on the "employees only" door and so I called it. It was one of the workers and I told them the situation. They came in, they were a couple of ghetto old white folks, the lady came in on fire. She was complaining about the mail man and the electrician and this and that, while Elder Cook and I were just sitting around waiting for them to figure it out. She then came up to the lady with the four loads of clothes and started talking to her about how long she had been waiting, how much clothes she had and how much money she was going to need as compensation. I looked over and noticed the lady just looked scared and confused. I was on the other side of the laundry room but I yelled over at her, "Habla espanol??" She looked over at me soooo relieved, I started translating for her and the lady gave her the money for her clothes and told her that she'll have to find another landromat. It was tiiight!! I totally used my skills and saved that girl's behind. I'm sure she thought that the old lady was like yelling at her or something, I definitely felt very cool after that. Also we were talking afterwards and she was asking me what the situaton was or why the lights went out, I noticed she had an accent and I asked if she was from Puerto Rico and she said yeah, and said that she has only been in America for a month! She said it's been crazy being here, trying to find her way around. Also, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans can sometimes look like they're African American so that's why I even had to ask if she spoke Spanish, it wasn't completely obvious that she was latina.
So that was just this morning so I'm feeling pretty good right now. Also, on Friday we were riding back from a siick dinner appointment where this Mexican straight up made us the siiiiickest chinest food ever. It was seriously PF Chang status. We were all joking around with her so much saying she cooked better than the Chinese people themselves. For the lesson after that dinner appointment we literally gave it laying down because we were so UNBELIEVEABLY stuffed. I dont' think I've ever eaten so much in my life, I could barely ride home. But on the way home I got a phone call from a member of an English branch more north, and he told us how his neighbor died and that the burial was going to be tomorrow (Saturday) he had already spoken at the viewing and talked about the Plan of Salvation and other good stuff but told them he couldn't be there for the burial but that he'd send missionaries to be there and dedicate the grave. We got to the chapel (it wasn't a chapel from our church, and the family weren't members) but we were just waiting for the family to arrive and I was walking around and I walked in to one of the chapel rooms and the casket was straight up in there, opened. I looked around like I had walked in to a room I shouldn't have been in. But I walked to the front, toward the casket, and just kind of looked at the body for a while. It was pretty weird. That was only the fourth dead person I've ever seen. But the dedication went so well, and the family was so sweet. We also sang Be Still My Soul and it was definitely a tear jerker for them. They tried to even give us money afterwards but we declined, but the sister of the deceased offered us dinner this week out of gratitude and we accepted that. She said she's going to make us Puerto Rican shoulder roast or something like that. I'm excited.
So I'm planning on playing volleyball today, that is going to be the tester to see if the medicine is working well. I'll admit when the Chinese food passed by the sore part it definitely hurt. I think I feel better in general, I definitely feel better in the mornings but I sometimes still get some sharp pain, but not as frequently. Also, I've doing hard work trying battle of a cold, I think. I drink herbal tea (from Chile! I got it from a member in Madison) every morning and take a nap every day and take ibuprofen. I'm super worried about getting sick since the new medicine should be lowing my blood count. Hasn't stopped me yet.
La obra misional (the mission work) is going so well. We are meeting so many people, this next week is going to be way excited to follow up on them all. The whole branch is getting excited too about missionary work, by feeding us and telling us about their friends. It's really been a change from a few transfers ago, the older missionary here tells me.
Oh yeah! Pentecostals! So we run in to a lot of Pentecostals here and ..they don't like us very much. They always give us a hard time and preach fire and brimstone to us and try to belittle us. They always seem to have their brows furrowed and have a finger pointed at us when the talk to us haha. But we were waiting for a bus and this lady that didn't have any front teeth and very thin hair was teaching us the Pentecostal way, she asked me if I'd been saved and I told her it's been 2 years since I've been saved and I told her I love my savior and that Jesus is everything to me (ya know, talk to a Pentecostal in a way she'll understand) she was surprised but quickly moved on she was talking and talking about how we're Mormon and then she kind of paused and then pointed at me and said, "I think you know deep down inside that Jesus wasn't Mormon." I let that sit for a while, thought about my answer carefully and replied "'re right. Jesus wasn't Mormon. Mormon was a second century prophet in the Central Americas." Haha, Elder Cook told me later that he had a hard time holding it together after that.
The Dominican army is going well. We got fed some delicious Dominican chicken, rice and potatoes, from Hermana Mercedez, it was a weird mixture of Island and Cajun, but super good. We hoping to start teaching their neighbors who are also Dominican, my army will continue to grow. I saw Hermano Santana pay tithing at church yesterday and he should be getting a calling. I'd consider that a successful reactivation.
Send those packages!
I don't think I have anything else. Take care this week.
Elder Papritz

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amy - MTC - September 07, 2010

Ni hao wo de jiating he pengyou!!
      Well another great week has gone by here at the MTC. The temple is closed today for Labor day hence why my e-mail is a little earlier in the day. I love the MTC!!! Its great!! This week we recieved 27 xin de chuanjiaoshimen (new missionaries). They are awesome!! A lot of them speak Chinese which is amazing! 4 of them are international two from Hong Kong, One from New Zealand, and the other from France. The one from France is 25 years old and his English is very good but he has a thick accent. He is trying very hard. He bore his testimony yesterday in Sacrament meeting and it was powerful. He has such faith. It made me realize that the struggles I am having with Chinese are so minor compared to someone who's native language isn't English. I am so grateful for the gift of tounges! I KNOW it is real and that it has helped me so much. I look back on the last 7 weeks and marvel at how much I have learned and grown. I can't believe it! Even though I have made a lot of progess I still have a long way to go. So, this week wo de tongban he wo (my companion and I) made the commitment to not speak English ALL week. Its going to be hard but so helpful. The subject for this letter is "Wo bu hui shuo Yingwen" I can't speak English. haha we will see how it will go.
     This week we taught our second lesson in Chinese. It went really good. I think I am getting a hang of this....sort of. I understood a lot of what our mudaoyou said and I was able to give simple answers. We taught the first lesson again. Next week we teach the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom. I have a lot to work on this week. Our teachers Liu and He advised us to SYL or speak our language as much as we can. I dont' know if I told you but we have two new teachers. Liu laoshi, he served in Melbourn Australia, and He laoshi who served in Taiwan, Taichung. Both are great teachers and thankfully we will have them for the rest of our time here at the MTC. They push us really hard which is really nice. I'm excited to learn more and to push myself even harder. I realized this week too that I need to change the way that I am studying because it is not as effective as it should be. I memorize a bunch of words everyday but not as many as I feel I should and I'm not retaining them. Darn! So that will be my challenge this week. It will all work out though. It always does!
   I wanted to tell ya'll what I have been doing for ziji de yandu (personal study). I love personal study time!! It is a great opportunity to really strengthen my testimony of the scriptures and the Gospel. I HIGHLY recommend studying Preach My Gospel! Even though you are not a missionary (which everyone should be according to President Benson) It is a great tool to help strengthen your testimony of the Gospel and to become more like our Savior. I have also been studying the Book of Mormon. There is an activity in Chapter 5 of Preach my Gospel on the Book of Mormon. It says that everytime you see a reference to Christ to highlight it. It has been amazing!! I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. His name is everywhere in the Book of Mormon! Just in Moroni 7, I think, alone there are 100 references to the Savior! Amazing!! The Book of Mormon is true! I know it is. And that anybody studies it and sincerely prays about it they will know it is true. I have done that myself and come to know of its truthfullness. It has been wonderful to study that. I also have been working on the Chirstlike Attributes listed in Chapter 6. I love these attributes!! I hope that I can obtain all of them. Study these sections and the rest of Preach My Gospel. Its great!!
   I love this Gospel! I know that going on a mission is the best thing that I can do. There is NO place I would rather be than here. Yes it is hard. Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but I have grown so much from my trials. There are times when I get discouraged and I want to cry, or in case of this week I did.(dont' worry mom I'm ok now I have a fantastic companion and the Lord to help me) Dispite those days I know that there are people in Taiwan that I need to teach and that need to hear the Gospel. When times are tough I know Heavenly Father called me to this mission because I have something that the people of Taiwan need. So I trust in Him and go on. I know this Gospel is true and that Jesus is the Christ. He knows each of us personally and wants to help us so much that if we will but turn to him he will help us. I know that God is our Heavenly Father and that He and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in answer to his prayer. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. And that through him the Lord restored the truthfullness of the Gospel of Jesus Chirst once again upon the earth.  I know that today we havea  living prophet upon the earth Thomas S. Monson. I know that he is the mouthpiece of the Lord and that by obeying his councel we can find peace and joy in a world that is spiritually starving. The Book of Mormon is the word of God! I am so grateful I can share this message with everyone. I know that God hears and answers our prayers. He has certainlly answered mine. I love you all so much. Thank you for your awesome examples and testimonies.

All my love,
Yang Jiemei
Sister Papritz

Austin - Milwaukee Wisconsin - September 7, 2010

Hello my beloved family,

My what a fine week that has been. I must report that we have had no violent encounters with people under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance, but! we did contact a half dozen drunk guys (it's hard to avoid them since it was a holiday weekend) and it's actually not a bad strategy. We talk to them while their drunk and laugh with them and get all of their life problems from them and then we make an appointment with them later for when they are not drunk. Then when we meet with them they only have good, fun impressions with us and we know how to help them haha. It's perfect. But really, have this one investigator, Enrique, who is an awesome guy. He took the Book of Mormon and read it the night we gave it to him. He's a pretty shy guy though so he didn't go to church and he was embarrassed that he didn't have any church clothes so he's planning on buying pants and a white shirt, and I told him I'd let him use one of my ties. He's a cool guy.

Also, this was our first real week to work together, Elder Cook and I, since the first week I was just getting oriented to the area and then the second week we were in a threesome with one of the other Elders beacuse of the trainer's program that lasted 4 days. It's been awesome, we've met tons of cool people and we've added 6 people to our investigator pool, in one week! Not bad huh?

Also, I kind of explained earlier that I don't speak like a Mexican, there are actually a lot of different Spanish accents, but since my teacher in the MTC spoke like a Dominican and I was really paying attention to how he spoke to help learn the language, I speak like a Dominican more or less. And since then I've just tried to run with it. And it's really cool because there are a few Dominicans in the ward here but they are all inactive and all for pretty much the same reason ...because they didn't feel welcome in the ward (which is largely Mexican). But they were so flattered that I spoke like them and I was asking them about Dominican specific words and we just chatted it up, Elder Cook had such a hard time understanding them but I was right at home, (think of the difference between the way white people and black people speak in English, more or less.) So we helped reactive all the Dominicans (at least that we are aware of) in the branch. That was way cool this week and they love me haha, they've all offered to feed Elder Cook and I some delicious Dominican food any time we want haha.

Mommy, I have wonderful news! I changed a car oil for the first time in my life! Our branch mission leader is huge in to cars and so we spend a couple hours helping him out every couple weeks. He is such a cool guy. But I got some pictures of my with a dirty white t-shirt that I found in our apartment. But it's totally easy and now I never have to waste money taking a car to the shop to get an oil change. You'd be so proud of me mommy haha.

It's definitely getting a lot colder here, and a heck of a lot windy. There was a spectacular lightning storm Monday morning, the lightning was just huge and bright. I got a video of it. 

There really isn't that much of an update on my health. I've only been taking the pills for 4 days so I feel like I've seen a little better difference but it's hard to tell because I also haven't done anything very physically straining. I haven't gained any "side-effect" weight from it yet but I think I might be seeing a little more roundness in my face, not sure, I might also just be imagining things from my childhood. I'll update you next week for sure.

I'm way excited for Autumn's mission call and thanks for those pictures, Abby honestly looks older to me, even after not seeing her for only 4 months. Weird.

Love you a bunch,
Elder Papritz

Amy - MTC - Aug 30, 2010

Da jia hao wo de jiating!!!
    This week was crazy but AWESOME!!!  Last Saturday was the last time I taught in English so this last week we have been preparing like crazy for our lesson. I had to really up my game and learn twice as many words as last week. It was really hard but the Lord really helped me. For our TRC appointment we had to talk about and order food and then share a scripture and apply it to our mudaoyou. All in Chinese! Then we gave our lesson in Chinese. Craazy!! It was really fun though I learned a lot. Sister Bready and I both worked so hard. There is still a lot of room for imporvement but thats ok. Thats why I have 6 more weeks here. But I love it here. Teaching our first lesson in Chinese really made me realize how much I have come and how much I know.
    So this week for our Devotional it was PHENOMINAL! Since I have been here in the MTC the gym has been closed where they usually hold devotionals adn firesides because they are replacing the seats in there but this week they opened them. We also haven't had a General Authority come so we all knew we were way over due for one. So this week everyone was buzzing about who would come and speak on Tuesday. So after dinner my tongban and I rushed to get seats in the gym and saved some for our district. No one was sitting on the stand. But while we were singing the prelude music the speaker walked in. It was ........ ELDER HOLLAND!! It was amazing!! I love Elder Holland! His talks are so powerful and full of the Spirit. I wish dad that you could have been here to hear him speak. We were sitting in clear view of the pulpit. Everyone was so excited. He spoke on the importance of missionary work. He said "Without missionaries the General Authorities wouldn't knwo what to do. They love us and honor us." He also said so powerfully, "Not a day goes by that I dont' think about my mission more than 50 years ago. DON'T LET A SINGLE MOMENT PASS! DONT' WASTE A SECOND!! NO REGRETS! I meet so too often with missionaries who wished they could go back again and do their missions over. DON'T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY FROM THE LORD!"
It was so powerful! Elder Holland talked about how missions are so important and vital to the gosepl that the church arms us with everything that they can to help us spread the gospel and have the Spirit to be with us including having missionaries go through the temple and make covenants. The world needs us. I am so grateful that I can be on a mission and share the message of the Restoration and the Atonement with the people of Taiwan. Elder Holland also said "that we are at war. We have been since before we came to earth. Luckily we are the good guys. We chose to be on the right team. As missionaries we are like the Red Cross. Instead of shooting guns we bring the bandages." I loved that part. So many people in the world have wounds weither physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental wounds that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal. There is nothing that the Savior hasn't felt or experienced that he can't help us with. Its amazing!! This whole talk was amazing. I could go on for hours about this talk. Unfortunately I only have 15 more minutes. I'll have to write about it later. I wish you all could have been here to hear it especially you dad because I know how much you love Elder Holland.
          The rest of this week has been great. After we taught on Saturday we started studying again for next week. It never ends! haha I love it though. Also, I practiced with Sister Riggs and Elder Kim because She and I sang in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! We sang the song The Olive Tree. Elder kim played the piano. Its the same song I think Autumn, Katelyn, and Melissa sang at Katelyn's homecoming. It was fun! I am so grateful to share that talent with the people of our branch. Thanks mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to take voice lessons and sing. Our branch is really small now. We only have about 30 of us since the older missionaries left but we get 30 new missionaries on Wednesday including 4 sisters!! We are all so excited for them to come. It will be great to have new missionaries and to help them just as the older missionaries helped us.
      Oh before I forget THANK YOU for the packages this week. I am so glad that you sent me my coat and all of those goodies. I have been eating them all week and loving it. Also thanks mom for the popcorn and for the magnolia flower. It was such a nice suprise to see the flower. I wish I could be there to see them for myself on the tree.
      Well family time is short.. to coin mom's phrase at the end of every letter. haha I love you all so much. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support. I really appreciate them. I can feel you love for me and your help especially this last week. I know that this Gospel is true. I know that Jesus is the Chirst. I know that this Gospel was restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I am so grateful that the fullness of truth was restored and that I have the opportunity to share that with the people of Taiwan. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it does testify of Christ. Wo zhidao Shen shi women de Tianfu. Ta renshi women he feichang ai women. ( I know that God is our Heavenly Father. He knows us and really loves us)  I love you all so much! Share the Gospel with those around you! There are so many people search for the truth and need the Atonement in their lives! Help them have the joy and happiness you have through the Gospel! Love you!!!

All my love,
Yang Jiemei
Sister Amy Papritz

Austin - Milwaukee Wisconsin - Aug 30, 2010

Hey Moommmy,

That package was...the bombbb!! Thank you so much. It was hilarious because there were a bunch of Elders over at our apartment because there was a leadership conference here in Milwaukee and when I opened it up they immediately took the head massager and started massaging each other and saying stuff like, "Just pretend like I'm your girlfriend back at home." And they'd close their eyes and pretend hahaha it was funnny. The curry was an awesome idea too because we have a ton of rice here and it is the perfect thing to spice up the rice. Thanks a ton.

I sent off a package with a memory card, letter and one of my schedules. Did you get it? I'm not sure if I put enough stamps on it and I stupidly put the return address as the mission office so if it has come back to me then I won't found out for a while.

Yes, Elder Cook and I can teach whole lessons. We can speak fine, the only thing is that we have a hard time understanding and so ideally if we asked someone a question we would want to continue the lesson using the wording of their answer but it's hard to get the details of what people talk about but for the most part we can get what people are saying.
So Milwaukee is still super great. So the story with the two high black guys:
We had just finished playing volleyball with the ward youth and we were riding the bus back home and we were waiting for our next bus and it was late on a Saturday night in south Milwaukee and I hear this guy behind say, "129, we got number 129 right here." (And I knew he was talking to me because I had a shirt on has that number on the back. And then when he passed by us he turned to us and sorry, "I'm sorry fellas but I'm as hiiiiigh as kiite right now."  And so we started talking to him, he was soooo funny. He was also walking with a friend who was dressed like a thug and had a joint in his hand smoking it and talking to a very drunk lady that we had also had fun with at the buss stop. But the funny guy was just in jeans and a flannel shirt and he was telling us how we were the future of the world because we were students at Marquette. And we were just talking and I told him to analyze his friends techniques (because he was clearly trying to pick up this drunk chick) and the guy was like, "That right there......that's.. Neanderthal technique. Man wants girl....but girl don't want man." Oh man we were all crrraaacing up. And then his thug friend came over and started cussing us out and being really vulgar and he thought we were trying to beat up his friend. And he started speaking in fake Arabic and started fronting Elder Cook and Elder Cook started getting really tense, I thought he was going to swing a fist at the guy but thank heavens he didn't.  And while he was cussing us out the funny guy was giving us hand signals like helping us to know what to say to calm his friend down. And while he was back there he held up four fingers and mouthed the words "four roaches" which means he had smoked four joints that night hahaha. Oh man, it was a cultural rich experience.

We are only on bikes and bus. It's scary around here too, the bike lane is only 3 feet wide and right next to the lane of traffic and the parked cars lining the street. I can't help to think that if someone were to open their car door while I'm passing by at 20 miles an hour, I'd lose my legs. We just kind of trust God it won't happen and try to space ourselves as much as possible. I don't have a clue what I'm going to do for the's going to be miserable being on that bike in the winter. It's going to be so cold. The branch is soo much bigger than in Madison. Madison has like 50 members total with only 15-20 active. The Milwaukee branch is 50 active with 400 total. That's why we are so focused on less active work here. If we could get all the inactives to church we go seriously have 3 wards.

Oh, your little stressful situation made me think about how stressed you'd be when my branch president told us the speaker for the day wasn't going to be there because he was sick and so he needed one of us to speak. None of them felt really comfortable speaking impromptu so it fell on me. It went pretty well, the only thing is that I've been practicing my Dominican accent (my teacher in the MTC spoke like a Dominican because there was a lot of those in New York) and so I don't actually speak like a Mexican, there's a couple things the Dominicans do differently including not pronouncing the letter S in a lot of words and some of the funnier members came up to me afterwards and were making fun of me but it was cool.

So Elder Campbell developed this awesome plan that we've been following here in Milwaukee. It is an inspired plan to reactive less actives and it's been going great. We've spent tons of time planning it out and so our numbers have been pretty bad because we have had to take time to plan with them and make different object lessons and stuff but finally we are starting to see some results. At church today the President gave us the third hour to talk to the adults and youth, Elder Cook and I took the youth while Elder Campbell and Hullet took the adults. By the end of the meeting the had a handful of papers with referalls on them, eighteen in total. It was incredible. I'll try to explain the plan more later but it's tight. Other than that, we have a terrific investigator that we picked up last week and she is awesome. Her name is Calendaria and she has an awesome little girl that we all call Sonrisa, which means smile, because she is literally ALWAYS smiling, she's only 2 years old. Theyre great and we're going to commit them and her husband to baptism this week.

I love you a bunch. I'm so glad to be on a mission if for no other reason than I appreciate my family more than ever. God must think families are pretty important, he's got some cool stuff for them. And I get to teach that every day! Cool.

Love ya,
Elder Papritz