Monday, August 2, 2010

Austin - Wisconsin - July 26, 2010

Oh man, on Thursday it was BONKERS. We woke up in the morning and we literally could not see a dot of blue in the sky as far as we could see, it has been way sunny and bright and hot and humid every day here. In the middle of the day, as we are waiting for the bus, we hear the city sirens go off warning of tornado (but from what Elder Kelly told me they are pretty sensitive about turning those on even at the smallest sign of a tornado). So we thought nothign of it. We continued the day and we were in the ghetto and we heard live marching band music and so we started walking toward it and the University of Wisconsin had sent out their marching band to play for some of the ghetto people, there were like 40 people with their kids just dancin' in the street, it was way cool. And then it started to rain and so we ran for cover, the local McDonalds. And then it just started to POUR. And we had another appointment to get to on the other side of town. It rained so hard that it literally formed rivers in the strees and sidewalks. There was zero fog and yet we couldn't even see the highway which was only 50 yards away the rain was sooo thick. A few more people came in to the McDonals from off the highway because they said it was nuts, they just couldn't see at all. One man came up in his truck and he kind of sat down next to us and started talking, he reminded me soo much of Josh Hunsaker. He was just like, "Yeah I couldn't see a thing I was pretty much just watching the line and hoping no one else was slowing down." haha, he is also a carpenter like Josh too and he was heading to a project and just had to stop. Then....all of the sudden....*SHWOOM* the power goes out in the McDonalds, the flicker back on (probably the generator, I'm not sure) but then they go out again, then it comes on for a couple seconds more and then goes out for good. I look to my left at the nearby neighborhood and stores and they are ALL out of power. We were trapped. And the place started smelling like stale fried chicken. Then Elder Kelly brought up that he hadn't seen a bus pass in the last hour (yes we were refuged in the McDonalds for 2 hours). We had to call and cancel our appointment because the busses stopped running. The Josh Hunsaker guy told us, after he got off the phone with one of his co-workers, that the project was off because a tornado had touched down in the down he was going to haha. It was crazy.
Finally the busses started running again but it was still pouring. So we had to wait under the cover of McDonalds and just run to the stop once we saw the bus coming around the corner (so that we didn't have to wait outside in the rain). We saw it coming and we starting running, we were dodging all sorts of big puddles and small rivers and then we got to the street and there was seriously a foot-deep puddle that ran all along the street and was 5 feet long, I made a long jump and only caught the edge fo the puddle. Elder Kelly hesitated and tried to do a standing jump and aboslutely got rocked by the puddle haha. We both rushed in to the bus and just headed home an hour early. On the way home we passed by some streets that were just compleeetely flooded, there were cars under a foot and a half of water. I've also never seen such distinct lightning in my life, it was brilliant. Uuuugh, anyways, I'm alive. But it was so intense.
The week in general was kind of bleeh, we were on bus week so we have to spend so much time on the busses and our days are pretty muched ruined when people dog us on appointments. Our numbers were pretty bad this week but we did pick up two new investigators, this girl named Jasmin and her Dad Pedro, she also has a member sister named Karen, she seems to be really solid in the church and loves to go and talk to us and has a really strong testimony but is randomly pregant and has a boyfriend that lives in Utah. I don't know, I must have missed something because it was in all Spanish. But they are a cool family, when we first knocked on their apartment door only the girls were there and they are 19 and 20. (Elder Kelly and I are 19 and 20 years old respectively) and we peeked in to their apartment and all that was in there was a sheet-less bed in the middle of the living room and they said their Dad wasn't home yet. It wasn't a big deal but Elder Kelly and I liked to believe it was more than what it seemed. But we just waited outside until their Dad got back from work, which was only 15 minutes. It turned out that they had just moved in to that apartment a week ago and they just didn't have much furniture, we had to eat our fatty, half-cooked chicken standing up. It was an interesting meal.
Cecilia had a baby come out of her last Sunday. She was one of our baptismal dates but had to put it off for marriage and the delivery. We went over and gave her a blessing before she was induced, that was a really cool experience. She is the investigator with the daughter like Alaina. It's darling, whenever we are in lessons, she be kind of sitting behind her mom and while we are having a deeply spiritual lesson she'll be giving me the pirate-eye and then will make a "i'll slit your throat' motion with her hand across her neck and then she'll point at me. And it is so hard not to just bust out laughing.

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