Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Austin - Wisconsin - Aug 2, 2010

I played golf for the first time in my life this morning! Oh man, it was so much fun. I filled up the rest of the memory card with pictures and videos of me played so I'll be sending the memory card home for ya'll. It was so funny, on the last hole (par 3) Elder Privett (Elder Olsen, Elder Privett and Elder Kelly and I were playing golf) told me that if I could get par then he would jump in to the swampy water hazard. I had yet to get par but the hole was 129 yards away (lucky number) so I was feelin' it. Off the tee I drew the ball pretty bad to the left but it took a pretty lucky bounce off a tree and came back. Then I got the wedge, about 40 yards from the hole, and just absolutely ducked it right on to the green only 5 yards away. Elder Privett was freaking out, I had never got so close. I lined up for the put, took my time to calculate the velocity and direction. I factored the wind. adjusted my feet. Pulled the club back. Tapped the ball, the ball rolled right for the pin. Elder Privett yelled out a girlish squeel. The ball hit a tuff of weeds and got redirected but it was still on course to the hole. 10 inches, 8 inches.... 6 inches....4 inches and it curled away from the hole!! I didn't put enough juice behind it. Uuugh, everyone was freaking out it was so close to going in haha. Anyways, it was a blaast, I never thought golfing would be so fun and I think it's awesome I got to experience it for the first time on my mission of all places.

This last week as been a blast, Elder Kelly and I have really gotten along well (not that we hadn't before, but we just really connected this week). Also we had so many fun appointments and lessons, it was great. Cecilia (one of our baptismal dates) is as pregnant as pregnant gets, they tried to induce her twice and it hasn't worked, crazy huh? But we were over at her and Abinadi's house (her boyfriend, he's a less-active member) and they were babysitting this little boy that was like 7 years old and it was sooo funny. The little boy was just running around without his shirt on in the first place and then while we were eating lunch he just got up and starting doing a Michael Jackson impression and he was singing Billy Jean in this terrible Spanish accent and was dancing like him and even grabbed his crotch and did all that. Oh man, we were dyiiiing, it was so funny! That family is so awesome, they call me Papita which means potato chip.

So we were going to have two baptisms this week, Sonya and her 8 year old daughter Cindy, and on Sunday morning she got called in to work and they reworked her schedule, gave her more hours and so she couldn't get baptized. That was frustrating. She still doesn't know how many Sunday's she'll have to work now. It's just kind of a "well, great!" moment because now even if she got baptized who knows how active she would be so we kind of have to take it a little slower with her now and make sure she's in the right place to get baptized. But man, Satan has sure been doing some work in Madison lately. We found out another one of our baptismal date's boyfriend might still be married to a random white girl that he married when he was in Utah which he claims he got divorced to but that's not what the member records show. And we went over for her birthday and they had a ton of family and they were drinking and he was drinking with her and he's a member (albeit less-active).

Let's see, last p-day Elder Kelly sprained his ankle pretty dang bad, it swollen up and there's a bruise ring around his ankle. Good thing we had the car this week though. He hobbles around everywhere and it's kind of embarrassing to be next to him, sometimes when I get ahead of him I'll turn around and he'll be hobbling towards me and I'll say, "Oh no, Frankie's comin'!!!"  (frankie as in Frankenstein).

On Saturday Elder Moffat (an English Elder in the area called the campus area which is the University of Wisconsin campus) and I played soccer with a bunch of non-members from all over the world, it was really cool. We played the first week I got here too so this might sound familiar but it was cool. They really had a lot of respect for us because we could play really well.

All has been well, I can't believe it's about to be a month out in the field. And then soon enough my first transfer will be over. Oh, and my Spanish has really been taking off. I've been taking a lot of phone calls lately and my comprehension has just been skyrocketing lately. It's super exciting.

Love you all, I pray for your happiness and well being. Take care!

Elder Papritz

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