Monday, August 23, 2010

Austin - Milwaukee Wisconsin - Aug 23, 2010

Hello my friends and family,
The city is soooo TIIIGHT! Everyone is so chill here. There are tons of latinos and tons of them just hanging out and chillin' out on their porch or having a fiesta on the weekends. For the most part they love the missionaries too. Oh and my new companion is *drumroll* Elder Cook hahah! What is the crazy chance of that?? Only our second transfer and we are companions again. It's nuts, we are both so green and yet they put us together. Him and I are going to tear up Milwaukee. And we've already had a crazy week, you would NOT believe what happened. A quick story:
So I got a new bike for 500 bucks but was worth like 800 because someone traded it in to the shop and it literally has no signs of use but anyways. I was excited for my one speed Biachi road bike and Elder Cook and I were riding down this alley way to go to a less active member in the morning. We actually moved our studies in to the afternoon which is rare to do but we felt impressed that we had someone to visit. So we were riding down this alley-like way and these two large latinos yelled out to us from 40 yards away, "Hey you two stop." And I first thought, sweet these guys want to talk to us. So we rode up to them and we dismounted our bikes and then the guy on the right, holding a beer, told us, "Give us your ****ing bikes." heart stopped. I could not believe it. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind like, do I fight? Could I win? Do they have weapons? Could I probably just outrun them, I mean, they weren't in shape by any means. I just looked to the ground and just said, "Are you serious?" And he was like, "Yeah I am, we need a couple bikes, Hey primo, which one do you want?" I just didn't know what to do and right when I was about to just hand over the bike the guy on the right says, "Nah, we're just ****in' with ya'll." ooooooh my gooooosh. I literally just layed on the ground. I was so pumped full of adrenaline and it just had nowhere to go. Nervously laughing, I asked them, Are you members? And they said nah they just saw us coming and wanted to play with us.
Seriously, I can not tell you how scary it was. Elder Cook said he was about to just punch one of them or do something, little old sheltered Arizona boy doesn't know how to handle the streets.* It was nuts, but they were so cool they were like, "Nah we'd never steal your bikes it would take one 911 phone call saying, "Hey there are a couple large Mexican men on two nice bikes." and they'd find us in no time" hahaha. We started talking to them and yeah they beer but they weren't drunk by any means. In fact, one of the two guys was quite interesting in the church. He had a loooot of regrets from past sins, he says that they haunt him at night, he can't sleep, he's not happy with life...he wants to change. It was ridiculous how God led us to those two men, it was an unforgettable moment. It was odd too because we were lost just before that as to where the less active member house was and this lady came up to us and asked us if we were lost and then told us where it was at but she admitted she was embarrassed to talk to us because of how she was dressed (in a low cut spaghetti strapped something). But she pointed us down the alley which would lead us to a street that would take us there.
Then there were a couple high black guys we ran in to which were hilarious, but that's a story for another time.
So the city is awesome and pretty much the stake is in huge need of less active work. They have like 50 that attend and 400 less actives. There are 4 Spanish missionaries in the whole city and we have way too much to do. We are hoping to get a couple more missionaries but it's probably unlikely.The Branch is lead by an American that servied a Spanish mission. He's a dentist. The ward mission leader is latino, he knows English really well. He is suuper active and cool. There are three major families in the branch and we are working on reactiviting the grandpas of those families in hopes that the rest of the family will follow. It's actually a very detailed plan that came by revelation to Elder Campbell (Elder Hulet's companion).
It's an exciting area.

 I'm doing so awesome, these experiences are so cool. Ones that wil last my whole life, I just know it. Also, Elder Hulett is in the other companionship here so there are 3/4 newbies serviing in Milwaukee, all we need is Elder Moore to have all four of us here.
Think aboucha all da time,
Elder papritz
ps. soo I could really use those 500 bucks back. Thanks haha.
 *Moms thought- Yeah, Austin is such a street wise kid!

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  1. You sure he's not in North Vegas? Sound like Garretts day every day. Except they deal with gangs and have to call 911 like 3 times a week!!! but atleast most of the police are LDS and let them give the first discussion to the gangs girlfriends first before they write their report!